Photographs That Show How Diverse And Vulnerable Male Sexuality Can Be

Photographs That Show How Diverse And Vulnerable Male Sexuality Can Be

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By: Eduardo Limón

March 21, 2017

Photography Photographs That Show How Diverse And Vulnerable Male Sexuality Can Be
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By: Eduardo Limón

March 21, 2017

A man can't experience eroticism with his friends, that makes him a gay person.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality hug-w636-h600

The shows of affection between two men are completely unacceptable.

Any emotional bond between two men must be familial in nature. Otherwise, their masculinity is at stake.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality hats-w636-h600

Any sign of homoeroticism or diverse sexuality in a man shows that he wants to become a woman and, of course, there's nothing more abhorrent than desiring this.

It's forbidden for a man to miss another man.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality legs-w636-h600

It's intolerable for any man to share time with someone of his same gender.

Experimenting any sort of contact with another man can make every male become a pray for homosexuality.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality oval-w636-h600

Desire can only be presented to the male gender in the form of a vulva.

The orientation of these desires is a deliberate choice that can be willingly modified.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality bench-w636-h600

One man who doesn't feel attracted to a woman tends to harass other men.

All sexual relationships that involve a man imply a penetration.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality smoking-w636-h600

Any sexual activity requires an erection.

The G-spot of a man is unreachable; getting to it damages his manhood.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality stripes suit-w636-h600

Only men with colossal penises can provoke great pleasure in bed.

Men never cry nor are they in touch with their emotions.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality blush-w636-h600

Those in a heterosexual relationship are the ones that lead the carnal encounters.

All men must be wildly aroused by female attributes.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality swords-w636-h600

If someone likes the non-physical features of his partner (intelligence, feelings, values, etc) then he's not a "real man."

The affections of a man must exclusively be directed towards a woman; otherwise, masculinity isn't fulfilling its purpose and, therefore, it violates the manhood of others.

There are no natural reasons to love or desire another man.

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality pose-w636-h600

With these and other lies, we tend to stereotype the male gender and its practices without realizing that these are mere prejudices.

These photographs once belonged to Herbert Mitchell, a former librarian of the University of Columbia who donated these curious images to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An avid collector of antiquities and rarities, Mitchell carefully guarded these portraits that date from the nineteenth century, between 1850 and 1890. These portray men tenderly holding hands, with their legs crossed, and enjoying an intimate contact that shows no guilt, self-censorship, nor disgust. None of these images have a description or some sort of identification, leaving the relationship of the models to the spectator's interpretation. One important fact was that not all the models were homosexual nor were attracted to each other, although they could deal with the erotic representation of the photos. They were just friends, relatives, mates, etc. Who cares? Holding hands makes them automatically gay? And if they were, what's the matter?

Herbert Mitchell male sexuality three-w636-h600

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards