What Do Bushes, Bums, And Wild Landscapes Really Say About Us?

Will these photographs of people showing their butts to the glories of nature inspire you to do the same?

Do you get a thrill when you're doing something you're not supposed to?

We all get that rush sometimes, and yes, it can be addictive.

Earlier this year, a random group of people decided to start taking photos of their butts in front of various natural and urban landscapes. Most of the characters in these pictures have their pants down; but there were also a brave few who went all the way with full nudity. Also known as “moon shots,” this kind of photography has become a trend that we can't help but look into.

Mooning is nothing new, but somehow it has become a popular hobby all thanks to an Instagram account.

Ready to try it out?

It all started with “Cheeky Exploits,” an account that profiled nothing more than anonymous butts in pretty landscapes. This has encouraged people from all over the world to share images of their own bare butts in diverse environments and “spread the love,” as their account reads. Oddly enough, a great amount of people from the digital community have answered the summons with cheeky pictures of their own. Moonshots from this account have become a worldwide phenomenon.

Evidently, some of these images have already been taken down. How they've managed to elude Instagram’s banned content is still uncertain. Nevertheless, by defying censorship and the world’s opinion, Cheeky Exploits have shared more than 600 pictures; between group shots and individual portraits, everyone’s wondering why this has become so popular.

It is being said that these “moon shots” are some form of artistic expression that has brought people from around the globe together, although it didn’t actually start as an artistic movement per se. By having a look at the account, the most accurate guess would be that some believe this is a way of challenging authority in a funny and “artsy” way. In terms of composition, some of the photographs are pretty good, with good lighting and use of color. So they're not bad but they do become a bit monotonous once you scroll down the account.

I’m not against nude photography. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I would love for everyone to feel the same. But that’s not the point i'm trying to make here. The point is: why are these images becoming so popular out of the blue? Well, for starters, there is an element of adventure, even if the people in the pictures look bold, it does make you curious to know whether they felt nervous before taking the picture. It is easier said than done. They’re funny and perfectly depict the famous “yolo” lifestyle.

There can't be enough words to describe the feeling that comes from pulling your pants down and having someone take a picture of your butt. It must be highly rewarding, and even more so when you see a big community of “butt-people” doing the exact same thing. In a weird way, they are all taking part of a photography uprising.

I believe the point of these cheeky exploits is to defy authority, because for every moon shot that's been uploaded, someone had to make sure not to get caught and find an accomplice with a good eye for lighting and lightning reflexes. Not only do you have to capture the perfect moment, you have to be agile and sneaky as well. Very sneaky. I’m not sure how this work around the world, but I know for a fact that in some countries, this kind of behavior is sanctioned, indecent exposure and all that. It is an exciting challenge for a lot people and the stakes are high, you never know if you'll get a ticket or spend a night in jail.

The joy of not being caught is an adrenaline rush and the best thing is you'll have a memento of that precise moment forever in an Instagram gallery. These adrenaline junkies gain personal satisfaction from challenging society's rules and at the same time boost their confidence about their body image. But do we all have to agree on these wild and cheeky exploits?

For instance, I know for a fact I wouldn’t want to visit Yosemite for the first time and find people in my photo spot showing their butt. Sure, they’ll run away within seconds, but still, no one was asking for this view in particular. So, would you say it is selfish what they're doing or liberating?

To be honest, they don’t seem to care about making other people feel uncomfortable, so we can count on moon shooters not going away anytime soon. The kind of rush they get is addictive, so this trend is bound to stick for a while longer. Besides, the world is full of places to be visited… and mooned.


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Dustin Hollywood

Cheeky Exploits