The Most Extreme Marriage Proposal Ever

The Most Extreme Marriage Proposal Ever

By: Storyteller -

38-year-old Rahim Hajir asked his partner to marry him 13 thousand feet above ground in a very extreme and crazy setting.

Text by: José Ortega

He chose the Grand Canyon in Arizona to propose to his girlfriend while falling through the skies with a parachute. 

Kaitlyn Roule, 27 years old, was simply enjoying the view and had no idea what was about to happen. Rahim put the ring in his mouth and then stretched his hand to show it to Kaitlyn. Confused, excited, and shocked, she didn’t hesitate for a second before saying yes.

The Most Extreme Marriage Proposal Ever 1CREDIT: WINGMAN SKYDIVE

Proposing while parachuting was a risky choice, since the ring could have fallen due to movements or nerves, and he would’ve been very sorry. But Rahim thought of everything, so he bought a back-up ring in case he lost the first one.  For Kaitlyn, it was a huge surprise, since they’ve been together for years, but never talked about marriage. This is one of the boldest and most exciting proposal we’ve ever seen.

Rahim wanted to make this special moment even more memorable and he risked it all to her Kaitlyn’s “I do.”