Dogs Adopted At The Beginning Of The Pandemic Are Now Being Returned

Dogs Adopted At The Beginning Of The Pandemic Are Now Being Returned

During the lockdowns around the world, many took the initiative to get a pup to give them company during quarantine. Now that most people are returning to their 'normal' lives, many dogs are being returned to shelters.

First, they wanted them, now they're giving them back. Rescuing or buying dogs became a trend at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. People went to shelters to have a dog to keep them company while getting used to working or attending classes from home. 

dogs adopted during covid pandemic are being returnedPexels: Pranidchakan Boonrom

But now that everything is getting back to normal, people are abandoning them without remorse. Data compiled by PetPoint indicates that pet adoptions increased 12 percent in 2020, but now dog shelters in the United States have seen an increase in the return of these animals.

The return of these dogs coincides with many cities and states where coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. As more of the population is vaccinated, owners return to work, go out to socialize more frequently, and even take trips, so they no longer feel the need to be accompanied by a dog.

dogs adopted during covid pandemic are being returnedPexels: mali maeder

Aron Jones, executive director of Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue, told USA TODAY, that the rate of returned animals has doubled from its typical number. Returning a dog has traumatic effects on the animal. Jones added that it is difficult to find another home for these dogs since they were not trained.

"A lot of them are really destructive, and a lot of them are afraid of anything new. So it's been a challenge to find people willing to take in these giant babies. That's really what they are; they're giant babies that need to be trained," Jones said. 

Our pets are with us when we need them the most. We must honor the commitment we make to them when we adopt them, and not give them back just because we don’t need them around to comfort us anymore.

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