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We all daydream at some point in our lives, but what happens when you feel like your whole life is a dream?
The first successful head transplant has not been performed yet. Many complications could happen during the procedure, but, have we asked ourselves: if the surgery were successful, who would wake up?
This technique promises to treat several kinds of mental health issues, from anxiety to PTSD. Could it also help getting over a broken heart?
After years of enduring the physical and psychological pain of a forced chemical castration, genius Alan Turing committed suicide by eating an apple poisoned with cyanide.
Instinct, the survival of the species, and pleasure are closely related to women’s moans, also referred to as “copulatory vocalizations.”
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One of the most impressive sky shows we can expect this year will happen just hours from now. On the night of January 20th, a total lunar eclipse will be visible in most of the Americas, Western Europe, and Africa.
James D. Watson, the famous scientist who helped discover the structure of DNA, was recently stripped of his titles for his racism, and we're all disgusted by his remarks. But what does this disgust actually say about us?
Two meteor showers, three super moons, a couple of eclipses, and Jupiter and Saturn at opposition will be the most striking astronomical phenomena of 2019. Here is when and how to see these events.
What are the cons and pros of going braless? Is it a viable reality for everybody? What does science have to say about it?
Reflection and solitude are their strength. Parties and uncomfortable small talk are their kryptonite.
In the modern world of rapid IT development and expansion, programming languages are the tools for managing each and every bit of it. Programming languages are humanity’s best medium to interact with a machine or computer, and do some amazing stuff.
No matter your reasons, sometimes in the middle of the party you know you have to sober up and fast. Here are the most effective methods that have worked for me.
Thanks to an art form known as scientific illustration, we can still appreciate the beauty of animals that lived long before humans roamed Planet Earth. Some of these illustrations will make you wish they still existed.