If You Suffer From Anxiety, Your Brain Probably Has These 7 Amazing Abilities

There is a silver lining for people who deal with anxiety in their everyday lives.

If you have ever dealt with anxiety, you might be questioning the title of the article as you read. You might even be reading this because you actually want to prove me wrong and confirm that there’s no such thing as a silver lining when it comes to anxiety. Amazing abilities, really? I mean, it’s more like… amazing suffering, am I right? The sweat, the shakes, the thoughts. Oh god, the thoughts. Not to mention the constant feeling that something’s wrong. What exactly? We don’t know, but what we do know is that something made us think that something can go wrong. 

Maybe you’re reading this because you are looking for answers. You want to find out what to do with this extra energy, awareness and thinking. Can it really be useful? How can you use your anxiety in a positive way?


Looking at your anxiety as a good thing is actually easier than you think. As a fellow anxious person who has dealt with phobias, PTSD and panic attacks, I can assure you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So, take a deep breath and enhance your inner self with these great abilities you can benefit from:

Sensing others

It may sound weird, but it’s actually true. Being anxious also means being extra aware of everything. Thanks to this special awareness, sometimes you get to sense others’ intentions. When someone makes you feel a little uncomfortable it can be a red flag for something else. You would think that this is general knowledge, but it’s actually a skill only some people get to develop over time. 


Anxiety makes us more concerned about what other people think about us. This is why we pay more attention to their feelings about us, turning us into the best empaths in the world. In time, you’ll see that reading other people's emotions can help you understand them a little better. For example, if your partner is really angry about something, you may get to find out the reason without too much drama.

Higher Intelligence

Not to be cocky, but science has already confirmed this one. Researchers from SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York have concluded that anxious people overthink everything way too much, to the point that we already know the possible outcome of every situation we come up with.

Lie Detector

Since we are super aware of anything, and we sense other people’s intentions, we can easily transform ourselves into a very accurate lie detector. If you feel that someone’s just jabbering and saying inconsistent things, you may be right. Just make sure to use this one carefully. I know you’re dying to know if your ex cheated on you, but is it really necessary?


Anxiety has that funny thing that makes us come up with hundreds of horrible scenarios. This may sound like the worst, it’s a very nice ability that we can use for good. Releasing these thoughts through stories and drawings can inspire our creative sides. Besides, it can also help to make us distinguish rational from irrational thoughts.

Extra energy

If we have this constant rush of energy when we feel anxious, why not make the most of it? If we channel it correctly, we can be a lot more productive throughout our day. Sure, when we start getting anxious, it’s very hard to concentrate and think about something else that’s not anxiety. It requires some mind training, but it’s completely doable.

More insight

Feeling we don’t deserve the world and that we’re constantly messing things up can be a good thing. Since we're always thinking about what could go wrong in every situation, we actually develop an amazing ability to have deep insight. Sure, it’s more helpful when you’re thinking about important matters instead of wondering why the girl next to us has a cooler hairstyle.

I’m sure that you never thought of anxiety as something positive until now. Because this condition can be so exhausting and frustrating, it seems impossible to look at it from any other angle. But don’t worry, these abilities are already within you, what’s missing is your will to enhance them.


Photo credit: Paarsa

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