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Return to the Moon: how to watch the Artemis I launch live this Saturday

Por: Ecoo sfera2 de septiembre de 2022

NASA gave the go-ahead for Artemis I to be launched next Saturday, September 3 at 14:17 EDT.

After the failed launch on August 29, Artemis I is preparing for its second ignition attempt on Saturday, September 3. NASA announced that the mission management team met yesterday to review the operational status of Artemis and has given the go-ahead for the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft to launch again on September 3.

When and at what time Artemis I will be launched

Since the previous launch attempt, the teams updated procedures, practiced operations again thoroughly, and refined the timelines for the next attempt.

NASA gave the go-ahead for Artemis I to be launched next Saturday, September 3 at 14:17 EDT. The operation can be seen completely live on the aerospace agency’s website, as well as on NASA TV and the agency’s mobile app.

Where to watch the September Artemis I live webcast

To watch the liftoff of the test mission that will later take humanity to the Moon again along with the first woman to land on the Moon, tune in to NASA’s official YouTube channel which can be found in the box below. The broadcast will begin at 12:15 ET (11:15 Mexico City time) and will be officiated entirely in English.

NASA readjusts purge times

On Aug. 29, Artemis I failed to lift off from Kennedy Space Center’s launch pad 39B due to a series of problems that culminated in the rocket’s engine 3 being compromised. The engine failed to properly generate the purge process, forcing the flight operation director to abort the mission.

This time NASA has readjusted its timing lapses to make the engine purge test at least 45 minutes before the final countdown, during the rapid liquid hydrogen fill phase for the core stage. This will allow time for the Space Launch System to stabilize the temperature of its engines before launch.

It is expected that with these changes in the Artemis I launch operation, ignition can finally occur and the Orion spacecraft will be launched towards the Moon, where it will remain circling the Moon for approximately 19 days, before returning to Earth.

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