Artemis I is postponed, a bump on the road towards our return to the Moon

The conditions were not the optimal for today’s launch and it was postponed for the first week of September.

A few weeks ago NASA announced the launch of the Artemis I Mission, which represents the first approach toward the next moon landing. With high expectations, the aerospace agency said that the launch could be seen live through a broadcast in which celebrities would participate. No deadline is missed, the most important aerospace exploration event of the year has already begun.

NASA began the countdown yesterday, August 28, starting at 09:23 am. Both at the Kennedy Space Center from where the space rocket was about to be launched, as well as in all the headquarters of the aerospace agency in the country, the countdown for the liftoff of the Artemis I Mission began.


However, NASA has already informed that the rocket will not be able to take off today between 7:33 and 10:33 am EDT. The Artemis I launch will be postponed, with the exact dates for the second attempt already available for the first week of September.

Where to watch the Artemis I launch?

NASA has activated a live stream that is being transmitted through the agency’s app, its website, and its official YouTube channel. Starting at 6:30 am EDT, coverage of the final preparations for the Artemis I launch was activated. This transmission can be watched from the official English-language accounts, which are expected to capture the Space Launch System rocket’s translunar injection, as well as the separation of the Orion spacecraft.


If everything goes as planned and Artemis I lifts off from launch pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center, once ignition begins, the Spanish broadcast will last fifteen minutes after liftoff.

What time will the launch take place?

The launch of Artemis I is scheduled to begin at 8:33 am EDT and will be available on both the English broadcast and the Spanish stream on NASA’s Spanish channel. However, any weather or technical inconvenience may occur despite favorable weather forecasts.


If the launch does not occur at exactly 8:33 am EDT today, Monday, August 29, 2022, then NASA will open a time window that will last until 10:33 am EDT, at which time liftoff could occur.

What else to expect from the Artemis I launch event?

Today is a big day for aerospace exploration, science, and humanity, so NASA has spared no expense in preparing a broadcast to match.


In addition, celebrities from the entertainment world such as Jack White, Chris Evans, and Keke Palmer will also be featured. On the musical side, there will be a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Josh Groban and Herbie Hancock, “America the Beautiful” by the Philadelphia Orchestra and cellist Yo-Yo Ma and conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin.

After the long-awaited launch of the Artemis, I space rocket, the first images of Earth will be seen from the perspective of the Orion spacecraft. The time will depend largely on the exact launch time, but if all goes smoothly, we can see our Earth from the spacecraft at 5:30 pm EDT.


Story originally published in Ecoosfera

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