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Environmental Benefits of Bathing without a Shower

Por: Ecoo sfera17 de enero de 2023

We can save lots of water just by modifying simple tasks that we carry out every day, such as bathing without a shower.

Approximately 70% of the Earth is water, but did you know that only 3% is fresh and that only 0.5% is drinkable? This is why taking care of water should be one of our main concerns when we talk about environmental care. That is why there are many ways in which we can save water, just by modifying simple tasks that we carry out every day, such as bathing without a shower.

Don’t worry, it’s not about stopping bathing, it’s simply about measuring the amount of water we use. Surely you have heard that people bathe with a bucket, sometimes when there is a water shortage, but what would happen if we took a bath without a shower every day or at least more often?

How Much Water Do We Waste When Taking a Bath?

It is common that when we are taking a bath we forget about time and simply enjoy the hot water running, so we tend to leave the faucet running for longer than necessary, especially when we take a bath after a heavy day or when we try to wake up in the morning.

According to the Aquae Foundation, for every five minutes, we spend with the faucet running, 100 liters of water are wasted on average, the same amount that a person usually or should drink in 50 days. This means that, for every minute we spend in the shower, we are wasting 20 liters of water.

To take better care of water and reduce the amount we use, there are several options we can implement, such as reducing the time we spend in the shower, using ecological shower heads, turning off the faucet while soaping up, and, as we mentioned above, bathing without a shower head and simply using a bucket of water with a stipulated measure.

How to Bathe without a Shower?

Taking a bath without using a shower is actually very easy, you just need a bucket full of water and then let your intuition tell you how to do it, or you can follow these simple steps:

Benefits of Bathing without Using the Shower

Save water: We will use a bucket or large bucket, which normally holds approximately 18 to 20 liters if we fill it to the brim. By using one of these measures to bathe, we will only use the water that is inside it. Unlike when we use the shower, which we normally leave open all the time, what we would spend in one minute in the shower we will use for our entire bath.

Save time: When we choose to bathe without a shower, we will reduce the time we spend taking a bath because once the water runs out, it will be time to get out and there will be no excuses for wanting to spend more time under the hot water. Remember that the less time it takes you to take a bath, the more water you are saving, whether in the shower or bathing with a bucket.

Other Ways to Save Water

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