7 Medicinal Uses Of Tequila, Besides Getting Wasted

7 Medicinal Uses Of Tequila, Besides Getting Wasted

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By: Zoralis Pérez

July 24, 2018

Technology 7 Medicinal Uses Of Tequila, Besides Getting Wasted
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By: Zoralis Pérez

July 24, 2018

Tequila is so much more than getting blackout drunk and partying the night away. Here are 7 health benefits you could get from a shot.

If you’re one of those people who hear the word tequila and the only thing they can think of is how it led to the worst night of their lives, then you probably overdid it. Tequila gets a bad reputation for being extremely strong and getting you drunk after only a couple of shots, but, like wine and other alcoholic drinks, it can actually provide benefits for your health. The key, as always, is moderation. A single shot of tequila is enough to give you all the benefits that come from the plant it is made from: the blue agave.

So, whether you’re already a tequila lover, or you’re considering giving it a try for the first time, here are 7 benefits you’d probably never imagined could come from drinking it.

7 Medicinal Uses Of Tequila, Besides Getting Wasted 1

1. It can help you lose weight

Oh, yes, not all alcohol makes you gain weight and grow a belly. Tequila’s natural components can help speed up your metabolism, which we all know is great news when we’re trying to lose weight. Just remember that the key is moderation: if you drink too much of it day in and day out, all the sugar will eventually turn into fat.

2. It works as a digestive aid

Many people swear by tequila as a digestif because the drink has been proven to significantly ease and speed up the digestion process. This is possible thanks to the plant’s high content in inulin, a substance that promotes good bacteria growth, which in turn, help us digest our food better.

3. It prevents osteoporosis

Tequila contains a form of natural sugar called agavin, which studies have shown helps our body absorb calcium better and faster. This, of course, is great for our bones, which need calcium to be stronger. So, maybe the recipe to prevent osteoporosis is a good diet, calcium supplements, and tequila?

7 Medicinal Uses Of Tequila, Besides Getting Wasted 2

4. It helps relieve a sore throat

Agave’s natural components can help relieve a sore throat and kill the bacteria that produce this symptom. For this reason, in Mexico, you’ll find lots of natural cold remedies and sore throat treatments that contain agave as an active ingredient.

5. It can help with colon conditions

The blue agave in tequila has been shown to help people who have colon conditions, such as: colitis (a chronic bowel disease that causes inflammation, pain, and diarrhea, among other symptoms); Crohn’s disease (another chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects different areas of the digestive tract); and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

6. It has probiotic properties

To put it in simple terms, probiotics are the good kind of bacteria and yeasts that keep our digestive system (and our body, in general) healthy and in top shape. And the good news for all the tequila lovers out there is that, in moderation, some of the agave’s natural components promote the growth of these probiotics. It’s almost like yogurt! Although you’ll never wake up with a hangover after chugging three shots of yogurt.

7 Medicinal Uses Of Tequila, Besides Getting Wasted 3


7. It can help you relax and fall asleep

Last but not least, little amounts of tequila can have a relaxing effect after a long a day, so it can also help you fall asleep faster. And I’m not talking drinking your way to a blackout, just a nice, little shot that helps you relax and feel calmer. Sounds good, right?


The word tequila is a Spanish version of two Náhuatl words: téquitl, which means work, and tlan, which means place. This etymology helps us understand tequila’s origins better, not as the drink of choice to get wasted and forget our own name, but rather as the product of hard work on the land to turn a simple plant into a sophisticated beverage, which is, above all, an important aspect of Mexican culture.


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