We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst

We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst

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By: Ariel Rodriguez

May 9, 2018

Technology We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst
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By: Ariel Rodriguez

May 9, 2018

Which platform works best for you?

Dating apps. We've all complained about them at some point of our lives, but let’s be honest: most of us have talked, slept, or even gone out on a date with someone through this medium. So, there's nothing wrong with using technology to find love. Apps soften up the whole process and helps us narrow our search for love. The thing is, there are so many apps that sometimes you don't know if the one you've downloaded will give you the best results. From casual hook ups to serious relationships, you have to check which app suits you best. So we decided to rate the most popular apps out there and see how you can meet your next match.

We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst 1

The Worst: Hinge

The worst complaint about Hinge is that it’s just like another Tinder. It follows the same dynamic: swipe, swipe, swipe, and bingo! The problem is that the pool of people is very limited and it can oftentimes present technical difficulties when you sign up with your Facebook profile. The good thing about this app is that you can specify whether you're looking for a LTR or just a hook up.

Really Bad: Zoosk

Zoosk is a little more complex, but that’s not the reason behind its bad review. The app allows you to give more details about yourself and the photographs you upload go through a verification process. At the start, Zoosk used data analysis on behavioral dating to help people match. However, there were many technical issues and a lot of fake accounts began to pop up, promoting services. The company later on laid off a lot of personnel, causing more glitches and a bad customer service rep. Chances are, you'll get little opportunities to find the perfect match for you and even go out on a date with that person.

Meh: Grindr

This app is the most used among the gay community, it actually works well most of the times and if you're not bothered by all the ads, you’ll like that you can find a big pool of users that are close to you. However, given that app is mainly associated with hook ups and quick meet ups, it has created a culture of harsh judgment where users are rejected quickly. One of its distinguishing qualities is that there's only one picture shown per user, so there's little space to add information about yourself. So definitely a meh app, uninspiring but useful in certain occasions.

We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst 2

Alright: Tinder

The app has a large pool of users and it's a pioneer in the dating app market. There are cool tools you can use like GIFs, super likes, and other emoji messages. Like Grindr it is beginning to acquire a rep for hook ups, and while there's nothing wrong with that, if you're looking for LTR then it's not the most ideal platform. While few people bother to read the "about me" section, you still get to meet a lot of interesting people.

Okay: OKCupid

It helps users find a match based on things they care about. When users sign up, they have to fill out a survey which prevents them from seeing profiles of contrasting personalities "they won’t like." Anything more than that, the app shows you the closest profiles near your area and one has to start a conversation with those who are connected.

We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst 3

Good: Bumble

At first, when you download this app it looks just like another Tinder but with larger photos. Yet the app has a different dynamic some girls might actually like, which is that they get to initiate the conversation. Yes, ladies first. Meaning that if you match with a person, and you're a guy, you have to wait for the female user to message you – and if she doesn’t do so in 24 hours, the match disappears. Overall, it is an interesting dynamic that both, men and women, seem to enjoy.

Best: Coffee Meets Bagel

Think of this app as a mix of OKCupid and Bumble: you get a daily match based on your interests and you have 24 hours to respond, but that’s not all. What makes this app so good is the fact that, unlike Tinder, it focuses on the personal characteristics of other users, instead of the physical ones. It allows people to develop emotional connections and possible LTRs. Something really interesting about this app is that it lets your friends recommend other “bagels” (users) to you, as well as you to them. The app has the potential to become a social media platform since its more of a network sharing tool.

We Rated 7 Dating Apps From OK To The Absolute Worst 4


Apps are still fairly new when it comes to finding love. So, lovebird, go for it, find the app that suits your needs and you'll find someone who can be there for you. We hope you have an awesome experience and that you find someone worthwhile, no matter if it's for just a night, or your whole life.

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