3 Video Games That Are Perfect  To Play With That Special Person

3 Video Games That Are Perfect To Play With That Special Person

By: Milka Arellano -

We want to help you give a little twist to your next "couple's time," surprising him with this special selection of video games that are perfect to keep the spark hotter than ever.

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The first thing you probably do when the word "video games" comes out of your boyfriend’s mouth is automatically turning your mind to flight mode, but actually, video games -besides being an incredible way of telling a story, a way to clearly see how fast technology is moving, and an excuse to show the most intense side of their fans- are surprisingly a great tool to hang out and have a really fun date.

That is why we want to help you give a little twist to your next quality time together, surprising him with one of our special video game selections to keep the flame hotter than ever.


1. Super Mario Party

No matter how far away your childhood was from video games, it's very probable that at some moment you had a close experience with a game from the Mario Bros. world, so "Mario Party" is not going to be as hard as you think.

The diversity of the mini games that integrate the "Mario Party" experience looks a lot like an actual board game, so don’t be surprised when suddenly your mind drives you to a family Sunday afternoon from your childhood. This video game is the perfect choice to jump into the video game world and practice your abilities with the remote, because you know this could turn into a big challenge as an adult.

2. Overcooked

This is the story of two mini chefs running everywhere, preparing dishes against the clock before a fire starts in the kitchen. This is what basically makes it a real communication and work team test.

Through each level, you will experiment the hardest part of cooking in fantastic stages, while your inner Gordon Ramsay starts coming out. Hours and hours of fun besides the big appetite that all of this virtual food is going to make you feel makes "Overcooked" an excellent choice to spend the afternoon with your special someone. 

Best video games to play as a couple

3. Lovers in A Dangerous Spacetime

As the name says, this game is literally about love and lovers. The game takes you somewhere in space, and both participants have to move quickly through the spaceship, so one of you can fly it around the narrow roads while the other works on the enormous monsters that want to stop you from saving the little rabbits mission. 

The retro graphics and the freedom of having your own special task is definitely going to test both of your patience, and for the novices on the video game world, this can be a quick introductory course. 

Try it yourself: you only need one video game afternoon to give them another chance and leave your crush or S.O. thinking “I created a monster.” 

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