What Does Your Blood Type Say About Your Personality?

It might sound weird to you, but actually, many people across different cultures believe that your blood type says a lot about your personality.

What if you were asked to disclose your blood type during a job interview? That sure would be unusual, but I guess you wouldn't mind sharing that detail in case you knew it. But what if after revealing it your interviewer said: “Sorry, you're not the person we're looking for.” You weren't even asked about your working experience, education, or skills, yet you've already been shown the door. What just happened? Well, you've just been discriminated for your blood type. As odd as it may sound, this has happened a few times in Japan and there's even a term for it, "burahara." This is because Japanese people believe a person's blood type holds certain personality traits and affinities. 

This blood type personality theory started in 1927, when a psychologist named Takeji Furukawa wanted to find a link between academic success and personality types. He used a relatively small focus group (11 members of his own family) to write his famous thesis: “The Study of Temperament Through Blood Type.” The theory skyrocket and gained a lot of popularity, but by 1933 his suggestion was debunked by academics due to lack of scientific-based evidence. Even the construction of his study was dubious, there weren’t any AB blood type carriers in his family, so he decided to just put them all under the A type category.


Despite being debunked by scientific circles, Furukawa's theory, which correlated blood types with personalities, became enmeshed with the culture's beliefs. This social myth gathered more strength when journalist Masahiko Nomi used Furukawa’s thesis as a reference to publish his book Understanding Affinity by Blood Types in the 1970s. Blood type personalities became part of the mainstream media, in fact, between 1984 and 1985 there were a total of 204 publications arguing the relation between blood and personalities. To make things even more complicated, someone came up with the “Blood type personality compatibility”an idea that states blood types have an ideal match – believe it or not, the importance people give this theory prevails to this today and it can be seen on online-dating sites and dating apps. But if you are just eager to see what the non-credible theory has to say about your blood-type personality, here they are:

Blood Type (A)

This is the most predominant blood type of them all. It’s positive traits include being earnest and neat; whereas its negative traits relate to stubbornness and being anxious. It is also believed they are good at farm work.

Blood Type (O)

If you carry this type of blood you are optimistic, easygoing, and have good leadership abilities, however, you can be insensitive and always running late –a good reason for employers not to hire you.

Blood Type (B)

In Japan, B types make up only a small percentage of the population (10%). They are also the most discriminated group among all blood types for their negative traits: selfishness and uncooperativeness. Although they are also believed to be creative and curious, people mainly focus on their bad traits.

Blood Type (AB)

A mix of both A and B types. They are talented and composers, but also eccentric and sometimes two faced.

If we think about it, this myth is not be that distant away from the daily horoscopes updates we get on our email inbox every now and then. Same dynamic takes place in Japan, and some people (not all) still fail to see the lack of scientific facts. So, like many things, this discrimination is based on something you cannot control, the only importance your blood should have is when you donate it for a cause.


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