Celebrity Birthdays that Match Yours

Celebrity Birthdays that Match Yours

By: Andreatrujillo -

On January 25th, 2016 approximately 7.370.406.510 were part of this world and this number keeps on growing. 


There are multiple websites to help you find information on the population clock, the number of deaths or births per minute. Demographic data is important to understand the impact a population has on the environment, migration, and economy. They help create strategies to fight global warming, poverty, and urban development. 

Regardless of this serious approach, the information can also be used to answer random curious facts. For example, in a group of 23 people, the chances of having two sharing a birthday are 50,7%, while in a group of 60, the chances increase to 99%. So, have you ever wondered which celebrities share your birthday? 


Famous Birthdays is the website designed to answer this question. It gathers information from Hollywood celebrities and youtubers, in order to let you discover which ones share your birthday, zodiac sign, age, or birthplace.
The search can be made using the same tags, and it also filters results according to popularity, currently trending or recently added celebs. 


If you enter a name or a date, the site will show you brief info of a celebrity's work, family life, celebrity associations, and their previous work before becoming A-listers.


Whether you're already a fan or just starting to be part of a fandom, this site will help you mark your calendar and give your birthday wishes or fanart to your favorite celebrity. 


by VeronicaZoo