The Art Of Replacing Identities On Video

The Art Of Replacing Identities On Video

By: Cee Cee -

Deepfakes are a form of manipulation that replace a person’s face on video with a different person’s likeness.

Text by:  Laura Rivera

Mostly, the idea is to make people laugh, putting a famous person’s face on the body of another famous person to recreate funny or iconic scenes from movies or television, and thus show what it would have looked like with someone else on the role. 

This incredible montage of “The Shining,” which replaced Jack Nicholson with Jim Carrey is a great example. The end result is an even more epic  scene combining Nicholson’s performance with Carrey’s wild gestures. It came out so well that many people thought it was a real remake of the scene, played by Carrey. 

The Art Of Replacing Identities On Video 1

But is it really that funny? What deepfakes do is replace someone’s identity, so that they do or say something they’d never do in real life. While this is highly advanced technology, it’s also very easy to use. These days, there are even apps where you just choose the video you want to modify, upload a photo of the face you want to insert and AI takes care of the rest. 

Although oftentimes these mashups still look fake and unrealistic, there are also some programs  where they can be perfected and make the end result look amazing. 

The Art Of Replacing Identities On Video 2

But what is really dangerous is that, very frequently, people with darker purposes use this technology to create a very different kind of deepfake. This technology can be easily used to ruin someone’s reputation, just by getting a body double or a voice imitator, and that’s how deepfakes can be used to make us believe everything we see. 

It seems like the more advanced technology gets, the more dangerous it becomes. Even the phrase “see it to believe it” has lost its meaning.  What else will the future bring?