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Facebook Is About To Change Its Name To Launch A 'Metaverse'

Por: Cee Cee21 de octubre de 2021

The leading social media company will follow Google's lead in rebranding itself to broaden its horizons.

Facebook, one of the social network titans, is allegedly about to make a substantial change in its company. According to the specialized media The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) is about to announce a name change to give the company a new focus on building what he has dubbed "metaverse." That is a meeting space between individuals in the digital universe.

Facebook changes its name

The announcement is expected to happen during the company's annual Connect Conference on October 28th. However, The Verge claims that the name could be revealed before that date to get rid of the controversies around the company. According to the outlet, the company is attempting to offer a more comprehensive service for social network users.

The news comes just a few days after the company announced new controls on its platforms to protect children and adolescents and address the image crisis it is going through after one of its former employees accused the company of hiding the fact that these platforms are harmful to minors.

The rebranding would position Facebook within the very group that encompasses other networks such as Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp.

The most recent controversy

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen testified before the US Senate that the company puts its profits before users' safety and hides the fact that its platforms are harmful to minors, fosters social division, and weakens democracy.

Haugen, who previously leaked internal company documents to the Wall Street Journal, made before the Senate a merciless portrait of the company. According to her, by the time she was working on the company, she realized a "devastating truth": Facebook hides information from the public and governments.

What will be Facebook's new name?

The Verge claims the new name is a secret but recalls that Facebook is not the first tech company to change its name as it expands and grows.

Background of other companies

In 2015, Google completely reorganized under a holding company called Alphabet, in part to signal that it was no longer just a search engine. And Snapchat changed its name to Snap Inc. in 2016, the same year it began calling itself a "camera company" and debuted its first pair of Spectacles camera glasses.

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