Forget About Your Free Speech And Free Will In This Facebook Era

Facebook has a new update for the News Feed section, and you won’t like it.

Social media used to be a way of presenting our reality. Nowadays, it has become our true reality. We have completely immersed ourselves in the digital world and although many remain skeptical about doing so, it’s not a bad thing if you do it wisely. Nevertheless, because of this, the business world has also taken advantage of our dependance on virtual assets. Now that it has become so relevant to “exist” online, the importance of showing and sharing truthful information has become a priority too. Fake news are a trend that, before the internet era, we couldn’t have imagined how far it could go. Because of this, ridiculous headlines and absurd clickbait titles have stolen the spotlight from important and legitimate information. This is why Facebook has decided to make drastic changes to the News Feed section and change everything we know about digital marketing and business in this platform. As much as they try to do it for our benefit, it looks like it may be a lot less helpful than they think.

On the Facebook app (from any device), you’ll now get to see two Feed options: the Explore Feed (designated with a new rocket icon) and the regular News Feed.

This means the News Feed will now be limited. While you'll still see the posts from your contacts on this section, a lot of information will be changed to the Explore Feed, including the pages that were shared by your friends. Nevertheless, the News Feed will still include sponsored posts, giving businesses the ability to pay their way into this valuable space, but also decreasing the chance to end up there organically. While this may not mean anything for big corporations who don’t mind spending important amounts of money to promote their brands, small businesses and startups may struggle to reach their target customer base and beat the competition.

Since organic reach has declined significantly over the years, engagement has also fallen, even when the content is solid. And now, with these changes, tons of companies will struggle to keep customers interested and getting organic reach will be more challenging than ever.

Where to go from here?

Companies that depend on Facebook to drive traffic will be hit particularly hard. They’ll be left with three choices: They can look for another platform to engage with customers. They can create a new marketing strategy that works with the updates. Or they can redirect some of their funds to Facebook, hoping to find valuable connections through them.

However, if you have a small business and this directly affects you, don’t panic. Spending money on Facebook ads is not that ugly, it just got more complicated. In this time and age, we can’t ignore the fact that having a strong marketing game entails some investment in social media advertising. This was a tricky situation even before Facebook’s drastic measures. Now the key to come out of this unscathed requires a wise approach to these modifications. And the best way to do it is having a very clear strategy, goals and analytics (because numbers are EVERYTHING in the digital world). If you are willing to keep these elements sharp, Facebook’s new measures won’t be less complicated, but maybe they'll be a little bit more “tolerable.” Are you up for the challenge?

We have given so much of our everyday life to the digital world, that it has slowly consumed us. We now need it more than ever, and this has led to constant changes because, at the end of the day, time is money. Where do we spend most of our time during the day?

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