Here Is When The Super Flower Moon and the Blood Moon Will Happen

The May 2021 lunar extravaganza will be the only total eclipse of the year starting with the Flower Supermoon and culminating with a total lunar eclipse known as Blood Moon.

Astronomical events related to the Moon have inspired humanity since ancient times. Eclipses and supermoons are the perfect time to bring out our inner space explorers and connect with the ancient skywatchers. This May will be presenting us with a unique opportunity; the conjunction of the Flower Supermoon and the Blood Moon, that is, a total lunar eclipse. It will be a unique spectacle in which we’ll be able to witness the magic of the celestial vault. Here’s how and when to see this great lunar spectacle so you don’t miss it!

Next Wednesday (May 26), the Moon, together with the Sun, will be located opposite the Earth. One side of the Moon will be fully illuminated in a phenomenon known as the Flower Supermoon. A total lunar eclipse known as the Blood Moon will also take place.


Flower Supermoon

This will be the second supermoon of 2021, after the Strawberry Supermoon. Supermoons happen when the Moon is the closest to Earth. Thanks to its proximity, it may appear a little larger than usual, and shine brightly over the horizon. To witness this astrological phenomenon, you'll only need to turn towards the sky on May 26 at 11:14 UTC. 

The Flower Moon gets its name from Native American tribes who lived in total connection with nature. During May, the wilderness areas are filled with green life and flowers that open with spring in full bloom. For this reason, the tribes named the Full Moon of May the Flower Moon.


Blood Moon

A Blood Moon or Red Moon is when a lunar eclipse occurs. This will be the first of two lunar eclipses and the only total eclipse of the year. In this type of astronomical phenomenon, the Moon gradually darkens until it’s completely hidden from the Sun's rays and, thus, takes on a blood-red hue. The phenomenon is expected to be even more attractive when conjugated with the Flower Supermoon, which will give it an even more bewitching sight.

Where will the total lunar eclipse be visible?

On May 26, the phenomenon will be visible throughout the Pacific Ocean and parts of eastern Asia, Japan, Australia, and western North America. Western South America will also be able to witness the lunar spectacle. Countries like Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, as well as parts of Central America and western United States, will also be able to watch the lunar phenomenon.


If you’re in one of these lucky destinations, you’ll only need to take a look at the firmament to contemplate the Blood Moon (total lunar eclipse) at its full. Set your alarms on May 26 between 2:46 and 5:18 CST. You won’t require any observing instrument other than your own eyes!

Both astronomical events will take place on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, and will be observable in the celestial vault. Enlist your curiosity and amazement and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Flower Supermoon and the Blood Moon.


Follow closely all the events that the cosmos has in store for us this year in our 2021 astronomical calendar, and don't miss the opportunity to reconnect with the cosmos.

Text courtesy of Ecoosfera

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