10 Mother's Day Gifts For The Cool And Tech-Savvy Mom

10 Mother's Day Gifts For The Cool And Tech-Savvy Mom

By: Oliver G. Alvar -

Your technologically-inclined mom deserves the best this Mother's Day. Here are 10 gift ideas that she'll definitely enjoy.

Every year, I find it hard to come up with a good gift idea for Mother's Day. Every single year. After the typical uninspired card & flowers, chocolates, and hugs were met with a tangible air of disappointment, I knew I needed to come up with something far better. This day is meant to celebrate our moms, after all. Mother's Day shouldn't be just an afterthought, which is why I find this kind of list so incredibly helpful—they can give us a better idea of what options are out there, depending on the type of person your mom is.

On this particular occasion, we're thinking about those tech-savvy moms for whom technology is a must, who always wants to be up-to-date with the latest gadgets, and who enjoys the comforts of smart accessories for home and work. If you have that kind of mom, then pay close attention. Here are 10 tech-related gifts for you to show how much your mom means to you this Mother's Day.mothers day gift for the tech savvy mom

mothers day gift for the tech savvy mom


Smart Watch

This is the age of smart accessories, as you'll see. First on the list: the smart watch, a great gadget to keep up with just about anything from the comfort of your own wrist. This convenient little thing will allow you to check your messages and emails, send texts, make calls, check the weather, set reminders, and, of course, check the time—all through a readily-available gadget right at your fingertips. Much more convenient than taking out your phone, that's for sure.

Smart watches were a rarity just a few years ago. Now, however, there's an overwhelming amount of options; from the sports-friendly to the elegant. The choice is yours. 

Smart Speaker

Speaking of comforts, what's better than listening to music, getting the weather, checking your schedule, programming alarms, and getting any piece of information you can think of—all without so much as lifting a finger? 

Smart speakers have been getting better and more helpful with each iteration, and they all have great potential for making your life way easier. The main competitors here are, of course, Amazon and Google. Every one of these unassuming devices come integrated with a particular AI assistant—Alexa for Amazon, and Google Assistant for Google. 


Each has some advantages over the other. Amazon, for instance, is better for shopping and features a wider variety of models, from the basic Echo Dot to the more robust Echo Spot, the latter of which features a touch-screen display. Google, on the other hand, has a far better database, which means you'll hardly find a question it can't answer. If it's on the internet, Google Assistant will know it.

Digital Media Player

Both Google and Amazon offer a great complement for any device you own (particularly for smart speakers): a digital media player. Google offers Chromecast, while Amazon sells the Fire Stick. Both are great. These are basically small adapters that allow you to turn any TV into a smart-TV, for example. With it, you'll be able to control your television with voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, either by using your smart speaker or an app on your phone.



Today's ultimate gadget, the tablets (together with smartphones) have been a staple and the tip of the spear when it comes to technological advancement. So, it's only appropriate to gift one for a tech-themed Mother's Day. 

As with smart watches, there are options galore when it comes to tablets, so you're sure to find one that's right for your mom. 

Smart Coffee Maker

For all the tech-savvy, coffee lover moms out there, there's hardly a more perfect gift than this. Give her the choice to upgrade her morning routine with her much-needed dose of early caffeine, but to do so easily and in style. Everything is becoming smart these days, and coffee makers are no exception—so if you're gonna go "smart," you might as well go all the way. Your mom will surely appreciate it. 

Though programmable coffee makers are nothing new, being able to program them through an app surely makes things much easier. Now that your mom will be able to set a more thorough schedule for her device, forgetting to set the machine to brew coffee in the morning will become a thing of the past (first world problems, right?).

High-Tech Coffee Cup

And what better to complement your mom's smart coffee maker than with a state-of-the-art coffee cup to keep it warm throughout the day. Let's face it, with our ever-busy lifestyle it's easy to lack the time—or simply forget—to drink your coffee in time, so it's nice to know your drink won't go cold after neglecting it for a while. 


But that's not all it does. You can also set your preferred temperature to find that sweet spot that even a microwave cannot achieve. There's also a variety of great options, from intelligent travel mugs to ceramic stay-at-home smart cups.

And yeah, those first-world problems keep piling up, but hey, it's gadgets and technology. This is all about quality of life.

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Smart Robot Vacuum

Speaking of first world problems: no technological mom's repertoire would be complete without a smart robot that automatically vacuums her home. This is the ultimate gift for those who want to keep clean floors without lifting a finger—which is pretty much everybody. And it's even better for a mom who knows what she's doing. 

This generation's robot vacuums are more refined, and far more competent, than previous models, and, as with all technology, they just keep getting cheaper as they get better. So, it's a good time to get one. They're quite cute as well. 

Nostalgia Camera

There was a time when you could print pictures on the spot. There's a particular, endearing quality to this kind of photo: their characteristic white edges, small size, and vibrant colors make them as charming as they are convenient, and many moms out there will probably recall the feeling of taking them. 

So you can go on the sweet and nostalgic side and get them an instant camera, which are making a comeback, by the way. Instax is perhaps the best-known option.

mothers day gift for the tech savvy mom 

Phone Printer

On the topic of convenient printing, this one's hard to beat: portable smartphone photo printer. Perfect for any mom who hoards photos on her cellphone, this is the easiest way to turn those digital memories into tangible objects ready for sharing physically or pasting on that good old family album.

HP, Polaroid, Kodak, Fujifilm—all the big players offer several models to choose from, so just pick the one that best fits your mom's needs. 

Smart Writing Set

Moleskine is world-famous for their quality writers' notebooks, but did you know they also make a more digitally-friendly kind of pad? We all know there's no experience like writing on actual paper—your typical touch-screen is certainly no substitute for taking quality notes with the same kind of feeling. Enter the Moleskine Smart Writing Set, which allows to scribble or sketch anything you want on actual paper and then automatically render it digitally and upload it to your app. 


You'll be able to immediately save everything you write on a tablet or smartphone, or to display it straight into a monitor for a crucial meeting. This is perfect for working moms who appreciate technology, but who also know that the best way to write or draw is with real contact on a real piece of paper. 

It's a fantastic old-school-meets-modernity kind of gadget. 

There you have it, the ultimate list of gift ideas for your tech-savvy mom. So, while she'll love you regardless of what you give to her on Mother's Day, why not go the extra mile to make her life just a bit easier, more convenient, and outright fun. Let us know what you ended up getting for her on the comments below!

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