Anatomist Alice Roberts Determined What The Perfect Female Body Should Look Like

Anatomist Alice Roberts determined what the perfect female body should look like, taking some traits of other species to create a superhuman.

What does the perfect body look like? The answer depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who’s really into the fitness lifestyle, they’ll tell you that the perfect body is slim and toned with defined muscles. However, being too muscular has never been the "ideal" body type in the fashion industry, where really tall and thin bodies are the ones that get more spreads. If you were to ask people in general, some would say that, for them, the perfect female body is voluptuous with big breasts, while others will disagree, claiming that there’s nothing better than a big butt. You might be thinking, “hey, but we’re in the era of body positivity, so isn’t every body perfect?” Well, as someone who is far, far away from having that "perfect" body, I’d love to say that the answer is that as long as you’re healthy, you'll look great. But that’s another story. What we're going to talk about today is what the perfect female body looks like, from a scientific viewpoint. To be more precise, if you were to ask evolutionary biologist and anatomist, Professor Alice Roberts, the answer would literally leave you aghast.

According to Roberts, compared to other species, it would seem that human evolution has reached its peak when we can be so much more ahead. In other words, as she claims, we have traits that were extremely helpful and crucial for our primitive ancestors (and even evolutionary kin), but that for us are not that relevant, not to mention counterproductive. Our intelligence, as well as our technological abilities, has evolved at such a rapid pace that it would seem that our physiognomy didn’t get the memo.

According to her, as a result of our more advanced intelligence, our brains have gotten bigger, but at the same time, since we’ve become more "erect" species, our hips have gotten smaller (which makes childbirth extremely painful). Not to mention that this posture has led to a really bad back posture that ends up hurting most people at some point, and that is because our S-shaped spine can’t really cope with our weight. To that long list of anatomic flaws, Roberts adds the small size of our throats, which makes us really prone to choking, and our deteriorating hearing and sight. It seems as if we’ve really excelled at technologically and scientifically lengthening our lifespan, but our evolutionary traits remain intact. So, for most of us, our hearing and sight won’t last us until the end of our lives. 

This definitely sounds scary and disappointing. So, what would be the solution? According to Roberts, to take some of the best traits animals have developed through evolution and create a superhuman with our technological advances. In other words, to modify our anatomy to become humans of the future. This is, of course, easier said than done, but Roberts gives us a very interesting (and disturbingly creepy) preview of what these superhumans would look like in the BBC show Can Science Make Me Perfect? With the help of Scott Eaton, a virtual sculptor, and Sangeet Prabhaker, an SFX model creator, Roberts designed the perfect female body based on the evolutionary and anatomical traits other species have and that could really make our biology match our intellectual evolution.

That image is definitely something... With emu legs, bat ears, the lower back strength of the chimpanzee, swan lungs, a dog heart, no breasts, and most notably, a marsupial pouch, this super-female being would be able to use her biological traits to really become a superior species. Well, probably not, but it’s still interesting to see how we believe we’re really superior beings when in fact we’re probably one of the weakest species ever. We worry so much about how to achieve what's been established as the perfect body that, instead of becoming a healthier and stronger species, we’re actually making our anatomical traits even more flawed in the attempt. So, instead of worrying that much about getting that perfect summer bod, we should be wondering how to improve our given anatomical features. 


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