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Would you allow your house to get infested with cockroaches for 2,000 dollars?

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 16 de junio de 2022

Volunteers will have 100 roaches living on their house for one month while the company tests DIY treatments.

Many of us can’t even see one single cockroach, imagine having 100 roaches put in your home on purpose?! It sounds like a nightmare; however, there are probably thousands that would be willing to share their home with some of these creatures for some time especially if it means you’ll get out of it with 2 grand in your wallet.

A North Carolina company just announced on The Pest Informer, a niche media outlet, that they’re looking for five to seven homeowners willing to get their houses infested with 100 cockroaches for a 30-day experiment to test the efficacy of several DIY treatments. The reward for having one hundred of these creatures and allowing the company to film 24/7 is 2,000 dollars.

“In this study, we’re willing to pay homeowners $2,000 for us to release American Cockroaches into your home, and test out a specific pest control technique, to be able to gauge how effective this treatment is.”

Although they knew they would get a handful of applications, they never imagined that over 2,500 applicants would be interested in volunteering on something like that. They were planning on leaving the application open till July, but seeing the huge response they’re just now working on the thousands of applications they already have to find the perfect homeowners for their experiment.

Naturally, there are some requirements beyond the will to have roaches in your home. The company asks for volunteers to be over 21 years old and either own the house the study will be performed in or have signed approval from the homeowner. They also have to sign a contract where they agree not to use any other cockroach treatment other than the one applied by the company during the study period.

The company also promises that all the DIY treatments they will be using are completely safe for humans and pets. Not only that, they compromise to leave the house cockroach free once the study is finished. During the study, they’re planning on testing around 10 DIY techniques to find what works best. The idea is to find the best accessible and easy-to-make “treatment that is DIY and people of any financial situation can provide themselves.”

So, would you?

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