What Happens To Your Body Every Time You Have Sex

What Happens To Your Body Every Time You Have Sex

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By: Diana Garrido

April 3, 2017

Technology What Happens To Your Body Every Time You Have Sex
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By: Diana Garrido

April 3, 2017

“Get down make love. You take my body I give you heat. You say you’re hungry, I give you meat.”

This man's voice was an extraordinary melody of energy and passion, an enthusiastic anthem to life that resonated even in the farthest corners of the world. This man was Farrokh Bulsara, yet most most of us know him as Freddie Mercury. Through his songs, he shared his love for music and life, which became a constant in Queen's lyrics. It's no surprise then that subjects such as sex, and the emotions it awakens, also played an important role in the band's songs.

The human body is a wonderful mystery we've yet to decipher. During sex, senses merge in unimaginable ways, so each stage is unique. Each phase requires both individuals to commit to the act, otherwise, tension and stress can affect the moment. In order to fully experiment the pleasures of sex, you must focus and let yourself go. After all, it's supposed to be a stress-free and entertaining experience.

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Phase 1: Arousal

Technically speaking, this is the phase in which the vagina and the penis prepare for intercourse. In women, the vagina starts lubricating, and the nipples harden due to small contractions of the muscle fibers, which also provoke a slight inflammation of the breasts. In men, the penis starts erecting, and the testicles swell, creating lubricant fluids. Being relaxed is essential for this stage, otherwise the act can turn into a painful and complicated experience.

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Phase 2: Plateau 

The name refers to a geographical elevation in relation to the sea level. It alludes to the growing intensity of the sexual act. During this phase, the vagina constricts itself up to 30%, compared to the way it was on the previous stage. So, it receives the penis in a sort of "embrace." Seconds before the climax, the vaginal cavity expands, the inner lips of the vagina double its thickness, the clitoris swells, and the outer lips flatten. This reactions happen due to an increase in the blood flow that causes the widening of the vessels, similar to what happens during the erection of the penis. 

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Phase 3: Orgasm 

During this phase, muscle contractions become faster, involving from 3 to 5 in a range of less than a second. Depending on the intensity of the climax, a person can present up to 15 contractions. In men, this stage is divided into two: in the first one, the contractions around the penis push the semen to the urethra. In the second one, the urethra and the penis become tighter at the same time, secreting a fluid that merges with semen and improves sperm movement.

When the sexual act approaches this phase, muscle contractions also appear in other parts of the body, like the butt, feet, and pelvis. There is evidence of these pleasurable spasms through gestures and facial movements.

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Phase 4: Resolution

Before starting this phase, women can experience more than one orgasm. Men experience a period of recovery in which the penis returns to its original shape and the blood flow recovers its normal rhythm.

It's important that during this phase both take a moment to look at each other and smile, knowing for sure that what you experienced was a magical, pleasurable, and healthy act.

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As we age, the body will reflect our past actions and decisions, including having a healthy sex life. Relaxing is essential to have a pleasurable moment and enjoy the phases the body goes through to achieve the utmost satisfaction.

Smiles and caresses. Who doesn't like that combination? 





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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards