Why Reddit Relationships Is Becoming The Number One Spot For Advice

Why Reddit Relationships Is Becoming The Number One Spot For Advice

Reddit Relationships is a platform strictly devoted to relationship and love advice that has increasingly become one of the most popular.

Do you remember how, when Facebook was becoming increasingly popular, there were literally millions of pages you liked only for the title, without even looking at what was posted? Just as the social platform was becoming a worldwide success there was a trend where people created pages that said random and stupid stuff like “I also watched cartoons after watching a horror movie”, or “the only formal relationship I’ve had was playing Sims” (yeah, that actually existed). Well, I don’t know about you but when these weren’t that fashionable anymore and those games about farms and candies took over, I decided to erase all the BS I had liked before. I can’t stress how many pages there were and it actually took me quite a while to finally get rid of them, but at the same time, it made me think about why I had liked them in the first place.

Why Reddit Relationships Is Becoming The Number One Spot For Advice 1

I remember how amazed I was at seeing that millions liked the relatable stuff I thought no one else ever thought or felt. That for me was something new the internet and social media were brought to into the table: a realization that even the weirdest stuff happens to others as well. I mention all these because at the end of the day, besides watching movies, series, or being in touch with friends, the Internet has opened a window in which we can see through the lives of others that share similar experience and try to learn from them, or at least not feel we’re all alone in this immense world. That naturally includes the crazy world of dating and relationships and how every day more people turn to the Internet for advice and comfort. Reddit Relationships is one of the most visited sites for those in a quest for answers or shared stories. So, what is this platform and why has it become one of the most popular and trusted spots for relationship advice?

This page is strictly devoted to relationship advice and other unrelated topics are automatically discarded making it a very straightforward platform where you can solely read and comment on relationship issues and situation. This page with over one million active readers has become a paradise for those seeking for answers to solve their own relationship advice as well as those who scroll through the millions of stories to find comfort out of the misery of others; yes, that happens. Now, looking at how the Internet works, one could imagine that pouring our emotions and our private self into these sorts of platforms could be like the worst idea ever. Yet after taking a dip into this vast sea of diverse stories, it’s amazing to see how this is a caring community overall.

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The thing is that this subreddit page was envisioned as a safe place where people could freely and respectfully look for and give relationship advice. Although it’s almost impossible to get rid of Internet trolls and haters, the algorithm and measures (like paid moderators who erase all the hateful messages) the creators of the platform have managed to make of this a kind of healthy and respectful community. This is the reason why so many people feel safe when sharing some of their most intimate stories and realities. This of course is also related to the fact that in most cases these are anonymous statements and profiles which is key.

If you think about it the anonymity the internet, and in particular this sort of platforms gives us has not comparison with real life. Moreover, most of the subjects and topics you can read at Reddit Relationships are kind of harsh which makes it more understandable why people prefer to pose them on the Internet where basically no one knows them, rather than exposing them to their friends or acquaintances. It gives you more freedom to provide details and hope someone can give you the best advice based on real experiences rather than just waiting for a friend to tell you what they think or imagine is best for you.

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All in all, it might sound a bit weird to trust your love life on an Internet blog filled with random people commenting on something they don’t really know for sure. And it might be right. However, what’s interesting is to see how we’re making more use of the Internet and technology to solve everyday problems and how our social relationships are way more dependent on them than we could imagine. At the same time, and being some sort of the Devil’s advocate, I do think it’s great that a platform like this actually cares to create a more healthy environment for people to actually feel safe to find the answers that they haven’t found elsewhere. After all, it’s all a matter of looking what works best for us and if it is Reddit Relationships that’s great!


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