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This Cute Creature That Looks Like Salmon Sushi Has Scientists Perplexed

Por: Gaby FL21 de octubre de 2021

If not looked at carefully, this newly discovered sea creature could well pass for the traditional Japanese dish due to its peculiar shape.

Humanity has not managed to explore all the life forms that inhabit the planet. As much as we have invested efforts in knowing all the creatures that accompany us on his journey on Earth, it seems to be a complicated challenge. So, when we come face to face with creatures that defy understanding, surprise peeks out. Such thing happens with this marine fellow that, if you don't look at it carefully, it could well pass for a piece of salmon sushi due to its peculiar shape. However, it is an animal that scientists have not managed to decipher why it took such an aspect.

The strange salmon sushi-shaped creature is now a guest at Aquamarine Fukushima, a large aquarium in eastern Japan. It is only 3 centimeters long, but it is large enough to surprise observers with its peculiar patterns and colors. According to the aquarium staff, the marine animal belongs to the rank of the isopods, a species of long, flat, and armored crustaceans that inhabit the depths of the sea. Experts believe that the sushi-shaped creature probably belongs to the Rocinela breed, which includes more than 40 species.

A very peculiar color

Isopods are extraordinary animals that are an important part of marine food chains, as they feed on dead or decomposing animals. In fact, Rocinela isopods tend to forge warm homes between the internal organs of other marine creatures. In this way, they manage to survive despite their small size compared to other huge creatures.

But, what is special about this specimen is its peculiar color, since most members of the breed tend to have more dull and brown appearances. However, this is not the case with the little nigiri from the Fukushima Aquarium. Scientists believe that it may have adopted this form due to something it ate upon its journey across the seabed. Even so, they still cannot explain why it adopted such a coloration and shape of salmon sushi.

This little fellow was captured near the coastal city of Rausu in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the Asian country. It was captured at a depth of 800 to 1200 meters below the sea surface. And now, it amazes the aquarium attendees who, at the same time, learn more about isopods.

Text and photos courtesy of Ecoosfera
Translated by Gaby Flores

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