Snow Moon: One Of The Largest Full Moons Is Coming

Snow Moon: One Of The Largest Full Moons Is Coming

By: Cassandra Luck -

This year will bring lots of astronomical phenomena that will have us looking up at the sky, and this weekend's snow moon is one of them.

The Moon is so fascinating that every time we hear about an astronomical event, we try to find it and capture it on our phones. But doing so is not that easy, as the photo won't let us capture the feeling of seeing such an amazing phenomenon. So, get ready because this weekend we'll be able to see one of the largest full moons this year, one of those "super moons," that specialists like to call the "Snow Moon." 

What is a Snow Moon?

The name comes from the snow on the ground. In the past, Native American tribes used to associate the seasons with whatever was happening in the world around those times, so they used to also call this full moon in February the "Hunger Moon," as it was hard to find food and hunt during the winter. 

This is also related to weather conditions, as some meteorologists have registered February as the month with most snow in the year. 

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what is a snow moon

When is the Snow Moon?

This year, the Snow Moon will light up the sky around midnight on Saturday, February 8th, and will reach peak fullness on Sunday at 2:34 am. 

But if you're not able to see the full moon this month, you can wait for March 9th, when we'll be able to see the so-called "Worm Moon." 

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