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The Chilling Sound of the Southern Ring Nebula (Video)

Por: Ecoo sfera11 de enero de 2023

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope just captured the sound of the Southern Ring Nebula.

Since the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into orbit, it has sent back stunning images like the one below that capture the beauty of the Southern Ring Nebula. But in an unexpected twist, the Webb team has decided to give sound to the images captured by the powerful telescope, and now you can experience a new way to appreciate objects in the cosmos.

The Southern Ring Nebula is one of the most familiar to observers in the southern hemisphere. It is known as such because it is shaped like a large ring, although there are times, depending on the object you look at it with, that it can also look like an 8.

Its name in the NASA nebula catalog is NGC 3132, and it is made up of gases as well as cosmic dust, which give it the appearance of a diffuse object with electrifying colors.

Sonification of the Southern Ring Nebula

In general, nebulae are beautiful to observe thanks to telescopes such as Hubble and James Webb, but the latter has decided to give it a twist for an even deeper experience. Thanks to sonification, the data obtained from the Southern Ring Nebula were encoded and transferred to audible frequencies. In this way, the NASA Webb team aims to spread cosmic poetry to visually impaired people.

In the video shared by the James Webb Space Telescope’s official YouTube channel, two images of the Southern Ring nebula can be seen in near-infrared light (on the left) and mid-infrared light (on the right). But both have been adapted to sonification and are heard as the red bar runs through the images. The result is certainly intriguing and shows us that the cosmos is sublime in more ways than one and that it harbors objects that we can hardly comprehend, but with which we can connect.

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