Learning To Say 'Yes' Might Be The Turning Point Of Your Life

June 20, 2018

|Alberto A. Cruz
the turning point of your life saying yes to new people

Ever wish you could meet new people or go on a big adventure? It might be easier than you think.

For years, society has been struggling to figure out how we should live our lives. While some people don’t know how to say no when they have to, others believe that they absolutely have to say yes to everything in order to have new experiences. As people, we are constantly searching for meaning in our lives, and we often don’t know whether to do what society thinks is right or to live as if it were the last day of our lives. This dilemma can be really overwhelming. After all, which is the best option really?

In 1972, Liza Minelli sang “Yes,” telling us that instead of asking ourselves “why?” we should ask “why not?” in order to make the most of the opportunities presented to us, and yes, to live. In 2008, Yes Man came out, a movie where Jim Carrey plays a man who shows us the many benefits of going with the flow and saying yes to everything. Our generation definitely has more and better tools to dare to get out of our comfort zone and say yes to new adventures. Every day, there are new apps like Lya. (you can download the app here) that allow us to explore uncharted territory, get out of our comfort zone to make friends, meet potential love interests and even do some networking.

the turning point of your life saying yes to new people 1

One of the biggest factors that play into how we expand our social circle through technology is uncertainty. There are countless stories of people who meet on a dating app or through social media but lack compatibility. This is completely normal: if “clicking” with someone you met through friends or face to face is hard sometimes, doing it in the virtual world is certainly a matter of chance.

This is where Lya. comes in, a fabulous personal assistant whose job is to understand you and discover everything that makes you incredible in order to help you find like-minded people with shared interests, so you can expand your social circle. Whether it’s a genuine friendship, your soulmate, a new group of friends, or your next business partner, Lya. will make sure to choose only the right people, so you can have the best experience ever. On top of that, with Lya. you can forget about wasting your time with endless swiping or waiting to see who texts whom first. Your new personal assistant will do all the dirty work for you, so you can just sit back and let her choose a potential match, set up a date at a place that works for both of you, all while keeping in mind your schedule and budget. Amazing, isn’t it?

the turning point of your life saying yes to new people 2

This is proof that, when in the right hands, artificial intelligence can have positive effects and bring us closer to people who share our view of the world. Previous generations -and even ours- probably never imagined that meeting and talking to new people could be this easy. In the past, finding the perfect match took a lot of hard work and trial-and-error.

Dare to say yes. Yes to exploring uncharted territory, yes to making new friends, and yes to sharing new experiences that expand your knowledge and thoughts about the things that really matter to you. Embrace this new and exciting opportunity, and be like Liza: don’t ask “why?”, but rather “why not?”

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Lya is an Artificial Intelligence build by a team of former Harvard professor in neurosciences, designers and adventurous entrepreneur to change to way people meet. To learn more about Lya., download the application here.

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Alberto A. Cruz

Alberto A. Cruz