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This bird looks very much like a rainbow and is the cutest thing you’ll see

Por: 1 de agosto de 2022

This small bird has colorful feathers that can be compared to an explosion of colors. Meet the white-browed tit-warbler, also know as the charcoal of Sophie.

Nature has mysterious ways of surprising us. Just stop and admire the thousands of ways in which it expresses beauty to realize that we belong to a wonderful world. Once we give ourselves this opportunity, magic happens and we realize that there are species that seem to be a burst of colors in themselves such as the white-browed tit-warbler or the charcoal of Sophie that looks like a living rainbow.

This species of bird is very adorable, measuring only 10 centimeters in length that, compared to other birds, is very small. In addition, it has the great peculiarity that its plumage presents a range of pastel colors that seem to be taken from the rainbow. It has a rounded shape that gives the sensation that it is a super fluffy being and although it is small, its tail is actually very long.

The bird is commonly known as the white-browed tit-warbler or charcoal of Sophie, although its scientific name is Leptopoecile sophiae, and its most distinctive feature after its colorful appearance, are its white eyebrows. In fact, its name come from the little white spots just above its eyes.

A beautiful bird

The small bird belongs to a group of birds called chickadees, which in turn are part of the Aegithalidae family. But it stands out from all of them thanks to its colorful plumage, which is very colorful. From grayish shades, through browns to pinks, mauves and violets, the bird’s plumage is simply amazing.

The charcoal of Sophie inhabits regions of Asia such as China, India, Pakistan, and even Russia. They can be seen in boreal forests where they enchant the landscape with their burst of colors. They are accustomed to high altitudes, as some communities of them live in regions close to the Himalayas, so they can withstand altitudes of up to 5,000 meters above sea level quite well.

According to the IUCN Red List, the white-browed tit-warbler originally inhabited Kyrgyzstan, however, they migrate to other regions of Asia for the mating and breeding season. They are known to be monogamous and therefore both the female and the male share the breeding responsibilities of the small birds.

Fortunately, they are not endangered, perhaps because of the remoteness of their natural habitat from human settlements. But the truth is that these birds are simply beautiful with their exotic ranges of colors that give them the appearance of being a living rainbow. Keep scrolling to admire their colorful beauty.

Story originally published in Ecoosfera

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