8 Things That Make You Less Attractive, According To Science

8 Things That Make You Less Attractive, According To Science

By: Ariel Rodriguez -

Taking forever to text people back probably makes you less attractive, but that hasn't been scientifically proven yet.

Some lucky people out there won the so-called genetic lottery. They can just roll out of bed, put on the first thing they see, give their hair a brush or two, and still look ten times more attractive than the average mortal. For the rest of us, it takes a little bit more effort to look good, and even the smallest “misstep” can mean the difference between getting a match on a dating app and spending another weekend binge-watching an entire series all by ourselves. Now, because the issue of “attraction” has been such a big deal since forever, science has studied it extensively, providing us with cold, hard facts about what makes some people attractive and others not so much. With this in mind, here are a few scientifically-proven things that people do that make them less attractive to potential partners.

Sleep Deprivation

8 Things That Make You Less Attractive, According To Science 1

Puffy eyes? No, thank you. You’ve probably already experienced the consequences of staying up late, but a Swedish study showed that people perceive sleep-deprived individuals as less attractive, less healthy, and more tired. In the study, participants were photographed after sleeping for 8 hours, and then, after a night of little sleep. As you might have guessed, participants rated the good-night sleep pictures as more attractive.


Not drinking enough water

Beyond the fact that water is good for staying in shape, there are so many benefits that come out of drinking water. Water gives you that healthy, radiant skin that everyone wants. It also unclogs your pores, helps with skin allergies, and flushes out toxins from your system. And above all, it's cheap! Looking good for little money sounds pretty great, doesn't it?


Not smiling enough

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We all have bad days, but scientific research proves that smiling makes us more attractive to other people. Of course, this is a no-brainer, who doesn't look better when they smile? Some people are naturally grumpy or serious. Yet science says that, if they want to catch someone's eye, it's better to smile every now and then. If this sounds familiar, why not try smiling in front of the mirror for a while? It's been proven that it makes it easier for serious people to smile more often.



Sure, sometimes we can't help but feel stressed about everything we have going on in our lives, but it's been proven that this stress affects our emotions and also our skin. When we're stressed, our body produces adrenaline and cortisol, a hormone that scientists say deteriorates your skin causing it to look wrinkly and dry. Although our skin cells die and renew themselves all the time, this process slows down as we age, so it's something we should consider in the long term.


Bad Posture

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Like the laziness issue, bad posture is also a non-verbal sign that says "I don't care about anything," and it might look cool in rockstars, but it's not a very good look for someone you'd like to date. With their bad posture, people tell the world that they're always tired and are probably not very happy about their life, which isn't very attractive, to be honest.



Another group experiment concluded that most people find those who look lazy less attractive. It might have to do something with the fact that lazy people don't like to work out, and therefore look more out of shape, but there's also a psychological aspect to it. A lazy person doesn't really like to work hard and probably has a boring life, and who wants to date someone like that?


Smelling bad

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Attraction is not just about what we see. The sense of smell is also closely involved. People can be attracted (or not) to the way our body smells naturally and any extra smells we add to the mix (hence the success of the multi-million dollar perfume industry). Smelling good is a great way to increase your level of attractiveness, and not smelling like anything in particular can make your sex appeal go down too.


Bad temper

Most people like to be around people who bring them joy, happiness, and laughter. So, no matter how good-looking you are, having a bad temper can drive friends and prospective dates away from you. It might be because when you're around someone's who's always in a bad mood and gets angry all the time, their emotions can affect us, making us want to avoid them inadvertently.


Scientists are fascinated by the laws of attraction and all the factors that determine why some people have more "successful" love lives than others. Being good-looking usually helps, but there many other things we can do to make us stand out from the "pack."


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