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This man asked for an implant so he could pay only with his hand

Por: 12 de abril de 2022

The microchip is no longer than a grain of rice and facilitates contactless payments.

Imagine getting rid of your wallet because all you need to pay for your coffee is, literally, in your hand. Well, Patrick Paumen, a man from the Netherlands, is able to do so thanks to a microchip implant that has all the information from his card so he can pay by simply holding his hand close to the terminal.

This was possible because in 2019 he decided to have a contactless payment microchip injected under his skin, a procedure done by British-Polish firm, Walletmor.

“The implant can be used to pay for a drink on the beach in Rio, a coffee in New York, a haircut in Paris - or at your local grocery store. It can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted”, " said to the BBC, founder, and chief executive of Walletmor, Wojtek Paprota.

According to the BBC, the microchip weighs less than a gram and is no bigger than a grain of rice. It also has an antenna encased in a biopolymer that facilitates communication with other devices, such as a bank terminal. And if you are worried about regulations or the chip tracking your exact location, Paprota claims it is totally safe and it isn’t able to track your every movement, because it works with a very specific technology that uses short-distance radio frequencies.

How does it work?

Walletmor uses a technology called NFC, the same that smartphones or even contactless cards use, and the reading distance of these microchips is limited to the distance of the antenna inside it. For it to be able to function properly, needs to be within the electromagnetic field of an NFC reader, explained Paprota to the BBC.

“Only when there is a magnetic coupling between the reader and the transponder can the implant can be read,” said.

Steven Northam, senior lecturer in innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Winchester and founder of UK firm BioTeq, explained to the British outlet that this kind of technology has been used safely to help disabled people automatically open doors and it can be used to improve our daily life.

Just like what happened with Mr. Pauman, who can safely make payments with only his hand. But this is not the only implant he has in his body.

Paumen considers himself a biohacker, a person who modifies his body with technology to improve his performance, and besides this NFC chip, has other devices that help him open doors automatically and even magnets in his fingers to hold onto metal things.

Maybe this is the future of contactless payments, are you willing to try it?

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