Restaurant In Amsterdam Introduces Personal Pods For Safe Dining

Restaurant In Amsterdam Introduces Personal Pods For Safe Dining

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With tiny greenhouses, Mediamatic Eten tries to go back to normal and offer their guests a safe quarantine dining experience.

By Mauricio Domínguez

Now you can safely dine out in one of these personal greenhouses even in the midst of a pandemic. Welcome to Mediamatic Eten in Amsterdam, a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious, candlelit dinner without worrying about the virus.

These small cabins or pods look like greenhouses, built with a metal structure covered in glass, with a table and two chairs for two people to enjoy a “traditional” dining experience. They are set up next to a lake, which makes for a very romantic night out on the town.

The waiters wear personal protective equipment and bring you the food on long wooden trays, in order to keep contact at a minimum. If you finish your drink, you only have to stick your hand out of one of the openings on the top part of the pod, and a waiter will come to refill your drink. 

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Willem Velthoven, Mediamatic’s founder, says that the restaurant already had these small greenhouses even before the pandemic. "It’s a really good thing that we can be together and be in a public space, but not be dangerous to people. Because of the corona, we don't want to be contagious to people, so I think it's very nice that there is a way to eat and to be in a public space without having the danger to maybe be contagious to people". 

Since March 16th, restaurants and terraces in Amsterdam have shut down due to the health emergency, although many offer delivery and takeaway service. This is a good idea for when we can go outside again and eat at restaurants. 

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Things will definitely continue to change over the next few months, as restaurants and businesses look for ways to stay open and keep patrons safe.

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