5 Reasons Why Thailand Is The Best Country To Go Backpacking

5 Reasons Why Thailand Is The Best Country To Go Backpacking

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By: Daniel Morales Olea

May 3, 2017

Travel 5 Reasons Why Thailand Is The Best Country To Go Backpacking
Avatar of Daniel Morales Olea

By: Daniel Morales Olea

May 3, 2017

Picture this: you're tired of everyday's monotony. It's time to change that. You take a globe and spin it very fast. You've decided you'll visit the country you'll randomly point with your finger. You close your eyes and drop your finger. Destiny has spoken: You must go to Switzerland. Now you think "Ok, I'll probably have to sell a kidney, but it's fine." No, of course, it's not fine, you know that. So, you try again. You spin the globe, drop your finger on another country, and now you'll have to do some war tourism. "Oh, come on! The kidney doesn't seem like a bad idea now."
Although it's very poetic to let fate decide your future trip, the truth is that researching and planning sometimes can make of your trip a better experience.

Backpacking Thailand

Thailand is not a country to randomly visit. It requires some planning, but it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Recently, Thailand has become a popular destination for backpackers who decide to leave their comfort zone and change their lives. Check these reasons why you should take your backpack and travel to this paradisiac country.


It's cheap

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One round-trip flight to any Asian country might sound economically impossible. However, nowadays dozens of websites offer flight trackers to find incredible rates. You can even find a flight for less than US$600. In Europe, you might feel you'll run out of money in the blink of an eye, but in Thailand you'll find many amazing and cheap things to do.


It's safe

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Movies like The Hangover II have created a negative stereotype about Thailand. They portray it as a country without law and modernity in which corruption dominates the nation. The truth is that Thailand is a highly cultural place that shows great respect for its visitors. As anywhere in the world, there are places tourists should avoid, but in general, it's a pretty safe country.

It's a popular tourist destination

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Thailand's biggest cities and islands are filled with backpackers, tourists, experimented travelers, and first-time visitors. You'll find people from all over the world with whom you can exchange your experiences and walk down the streets of this millenary country.

People will understand you

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Backpacking isn't easy, and it can even be frightening. The good thing about traveling this way is that you can make friends from many different countries and even get invited to stay at their homes in Japan, England, Sweden, Mexico, etc. Another great thing about backpacking is that you'll share the same experience among people with interesting backgrounds. You'll be part of a community of travelers taking care of each other. More importantly, you'll create a bond with them that will last forever.

It's paradise on earth

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There are beautiful beaches all over the world, but just a few can really compete against Thailand's coasts. Its turquoise seas surrounded by big rocks, mountains, and isles are landscapes you'll never forget. You'll never want to leave these beautiful gifts of nature. 

There are many things you must take into account before traveling to Thailand:

–The local currency is the baht (THB).

–Take a pair of sturdy sports shoes in case you want to engage in extreme activities. But most importantly, take some comfy sandals. Some restaurants, bars, or hotels will ask you to remove your shoes before entering.

Thailand is a place where you'll be able to understand the world and change your perception of life. It's a great starting point to start traveling around the world.


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards