Cities Where LGBT Communities Are Flourishing

Cities Where LGBT Communities Are Flourishing

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By: Diego Cera

March 16, 2017

Travel Cities Where LGBT Communities Are Flourishing
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By: Diego Cera

March 16, 2017

Every person in the world deserves to live in a place where they can feel acknowledged and accepted. Due to the openness of many governments regarding LGBT rights, the members of these communities are creating spaces where they can develop their voices and artistic expressions. These areas have now become important destinations for travelers looking for a place where they can feel free to have fun and be themselves.

Many of these cities offer a rich nightlife and an open-minded lifestyle. If you're about to go on a trip, you might want to check this list of cities that welcome the LGBT community.



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Being the first place in the world to recognize LGBT's rights, Dublin offers a variety of options to have fun: gay-friendly pubs, clubs, karaokes, etc. Also, in May the city organizes an international festival of gay theater to celebrate the anniversary of Oscar Wilde's birth.

Buenos Aires

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Argentina has one of the best atmospheres in Latin America because it was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage. Palermo's underground bars are an excellent choice to have the best of times, especially in November, when the gay pride parades in Buenos Aires take place.


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Oak Lawn is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the United States. During the Dallas Pride Parade, in September, and on Halloween, the streets of Dallas are filled with colors. If you can't visit this city in any of these dates, the Wildcatter Ranch is a great option to enjoy your vacation.


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Summer is the best time to visit this city for its sunny weather and LGBT Film Festival. Toronto is home to the largest gay community in Canada. Although it's filled with friendly bars, you must go to Woody's, one of the most famous clubs in the area.


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Oxford Street – the non-official gay neighborhood of the city– is a must for the LGBT community. Each year the city organizes the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, with parades and cultural activities that make it one of the biggest and most famous events in the world.


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If you're looking for something queer, this city is the ideal place to go. Throughout the entire year, they organize events like the Sparkle Festival in July or the Queer Contact Arts during winter.


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Stockholm's gay community is fascinating, since they have set many trends in the fields of art and music. In addition to their underground scene, the city is filled with places that will definitely catch your attention, such as the King Kong club. You can even indulge your musical guilty pleasure by visiting the ABBA Museum.


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Each September, the German capital is home to one of the most legendary celebrations for the LGBT community: the Folsom Europe Festival. It's the most famous BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism) event in the world. The rest of the year, you can have enjoy clubs like SchuwZ, SilverFuture, and The Club.


These are just some of the many cities that offer a welcoming atmosphere for members of the LGBT community. If for some reason you find yourself visiting any of these places, don't miss the opportunity to have an amazing adventure.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards