5 Reasons Why You Should Make Paraty, Brazil, Your Next Travel Destination

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Paraty, Brazil, Your Next Travel Destination

By: François Correia -

Brazil is a country full of unexpected surprises for the visitor. Paraty, the most beloved historical town in Brazil, offers a unique combination of beach and colonial attractions that will charm any visitor.

The colonial city of Paraty, located at the bottom of a mountain range in the southernmost tip of Rio de Janeiro, was once a gold port. Now, it has become a popular artist refuge, and every year, tourists from all over the world flock to it. Learn why this paradise in Brazil must be in your bucket list of the most wonderful places to visit.


Some locations are really special even if you can't really point out the reason – it is the feeling, the energy of the place that speaks for itself. Paraty is one of the most whimsical destinations in Brazil, and these are the 5 reasons why you should make Paraty, Brazil, your next travel destination.

The Jabaquara Mangroves

best things to do paraty brazil travel recommendations

The quiet waters of this mangrove are relaxing and ideal for nautical sports such as sailing, windsurf, canoeing, and kayaking. The photo ops are absolutely stunning.

The 1722 Church Of Santa Rita

best things to do paraty brazil travel recommendations

The view from my  beautiful bedroom window when looking at Paraty and the city's beautiful mountains makes me feel that this is a city of many faces and stories. Luckily, the hotel where I stayed is next to the world-famous, story-telling Paraty puppet company and some of the nicest sites in town – like the 1722 church of Santa Rita.

The Historical Center

best things to do paraty brazil travel recommendations

Paraty's historical center belies its past as a gold mine town that attracted many Portuguese prospectors and that make it unique in its colonial architecture and well-preserved buildings.

The Fort Of Paraty

best things to do paraty brazil travel recommendations@matheusphotos The climb is well worth the view. First built in 1703 and then rebuilt in 1822, this place has all the markings of an adventure: pirates and gold surrounded by the Brazilian rainforest, complete with vegetation reminiscent of the best Old World botanical illustration - a profusion of orchids and exotic tropical flora - what else would you want?

The Luxury Boutique Hotels

best things to do paraty brazil travel recommendations

Casa Turquesa Maison D’Hotel - featuring nine suites housed in a restored 18th-century colonial mansion, this hotel faces the city’s port and colonial fish market. Casa Turquesa, in Brazil, ticks all the boxes of one’s tropical dream adventure – beautifully designed wooden furniture by Zanine Caldas, crafted colorful cushions, open spaces, seaside breeze, and a lush garden.


The place exudes charm and authenticity. It is the work of love of Tetê Etrusco, who welcomes her guests personally, as one would welcome a close friend.

Welcoming guests has always been one of my passions, which is why I thought to myself “Why not create a place where feeling at home is a priority?” – Tetê Etrusco | owner of Casa Turquesa

Make sure you mark this spot on the coast of Brazil in your map. The place will definitely surprise you.

Cover photo: @cademeumapa 

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