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The Circular Green City In Denmark That Adapted To The Land's Natural Shape

Por: Gaby FL18 de octubre de 2021

Denmark has created a green city that seems to fit civilization into the natural environment creating an impressive aerial image.

Flying over the green city of Brøndby Haveby in Denmark, photographer Henry Do recognized the exceptional connection between nature and humankind. With a unique culture, sustainable urban planning, and a particular taste for cycling, this circular city is an almost unreal delight.

It has taken Denmark several decades to build cities designed for nature instead of against it. Through the planning of perfect circles, as would be done in a small garden, these small communities strategically unite and circulate in step with their surroundings.

Landscape architect Erik Mygind made sure to mimic the traditional patterns of 18th-century Danish villages. In this pattern, there are circles joined by a focal point, the center, in which everyone gathers to activate social contact. Without a doubt, this is an unusual way of inhabiting space. 

Some might think that land is being wasted when building in this fashion, but the main purpose of this green city is to adapt the well-being of its inhabitants to the environment. 

A green city that invites natural minimalism

Brøndby Haveby houses are special because they are not private properties. Each garden has houses that can be rented, and nobody lives there for more than six months. Under nomadic laws and with a specific zoning style, renters have discovered an ability to adapt to the environment.

Because of projects like this, Denmark stands out as one of the most innovative countries in sustainable urbanization. Although not everyone is 100% convinced of the dynamics, the truth is that this green city forces to lighten dependency.

We don't really need so much, and staying in a house for 6 months plus looking for something new allows no one to get used to it enough to carry more than they can. The cabins defined with a 'hyggelige' style (which translates to 'cozy') offer a comfortable and remote stay away from the cities. 

For some, it seems impossible to get to live in a community again, while others enjoy having the essentials. The Danes are in search of a civilizational strategy that is beneficial to both the environment and society. Would you live in a green city?

Text and photos courtesy of Ecoosfera
Translated by Gaby Flores

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