4 Destinations To Give Your S.O. The Gift Of Travel And Great Coffee

4 Destinations To Give Your S.O. The Gift Of Travel And Great Coffee

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

Here's a list of unexpected destinations for coffee lovers in Latin America for you to up your traveling game with that special someone.

If you are like me, then you are crazy about coffee and your S.O. Probably crazy about traveling, too. So, what if we could put all of those things together? Say no more. Today, we’ll be talking about travel destinations for coffee lovers, or better yet, couples who enjoy drinking great coffee together. And since there’s no better place to drink coffee than the places where it is actually grown, here's of list of destinations in Latin America where you can enjoy the best cup of joe. 

Coffee beans don’t come from Latin America, but, boy, have they mastered the art. So, if you are a not a fighter but a lover, specifically a coffee lover, check out this list to get to know the best places in Latin America to know the art.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is a huge country and, thankfully, the southeastern region is the capital of coffee. Though Mexicans are huge specialty coffee drinkers themselves, the states of Veracruz, Chiapas, and Oaxaca produce some of the best beans in the world. Forget about Cancun and head over to these mountainous regions. The coffee ranches where beans are grown offer breathtaking landscapes perfect for a couple's retreat. Mix a shot of espresso with fizzy water and you have all you need to walk around Mexico's beloved colonial past. Can it get more romantic than that?

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  1. Guatemala

Guatemalan coffee is similar to Mexico's because they share a similar climate and topography. However, Guatemala's could arguably be second to none thanks to the fact that many fincas (plantations) still use the most traditional ways to harvest their beans. If you wish to check out some of these plantations, head to the highlands. Also, you're going to want to visit Antigua (Guatemala's former colonial capital) and drink coffee at actual coffeehouses, which serve brews straight for the source. Antigua itself is beautiful, so it's perfect as a romantic spot.

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  1. Perú

Perú is mostly hailed for its Pre-Columbian history and its delicious culinary tradition, and with good reason. Their coffee, however, is completely underrated. Thanks to their high altitude, Perú is able to offer one of the world's best harvests that will not disappoint. So, if you ever find yourself in Machu Picchu with your significant other, don't forget to first head to Cusco for coffee. This will give you enough energy for the climb of your life. You're welcome.

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  1. Colombia

Colombia is one of the hottest destinations right now, and Colombian coffee is perhaps the best known out of this list. In fact, Colombia's Eje Cafetero (literally translated as "coffee axis"), or Coffee Belt, is listed as one of UNESCO's heritage treasures given by Mother Nature. Medellin offers a myriad of coffee tours, and the city itself is beautiful and perfect to visit as a couple. But even Bogotá, the country's capital, features a plethora of coffeeshops and romantic spots that you can hit with your S.O.

destinations for coffee lovers in latin america@colombiancoffeeguide

Though most of the beans are exported elsewhere, Latin Americans are increasing their coffee intake, and the ways they do shape fair trade, which means now's the time to head over there. Forget about beaches, or art museums in Europe, Latin America is where things are happening, and, thank god, because I need my caffeine fix right about now.

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