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Want to travel around the world on private jets and visit all the Disney parks? It will cost you 100k

Por: 16 de junio de 2022

The 24-day private tour will take you to all Disney locations around the world.

Disney knows there are fans willing to do it all for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and in its new attempt to make “the most magical place in the world” even more magical, the company has launched a very VIP tour that includes private jet transportation, and the chance to know all its 12 global theme parks. It will “only” cost you a little over 100k per person.

Wait, what?! As you read it. The luxury trip named Disney Parks around the world – A private jet adventure includes a 24-day tour on private transportation, guided tours, and even VIP spots for the fireworks show in all 12 themed parks and Disney archives.

The experience is limited to only 75 passengers who must pay 109,995 dollars per person to enjoy this magical.

According to the company, guests will depart in July 2023 in a Boeing 757-200 converted from 233 seats to 75 leather ones. They will travel by car and “deluxe” minibusses and will be accompanied at all times by tour guides, a physician, and even a chef. The trip will be hosted by Becky Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives.

The lucky ones to be able to afford such an experience will visit all US locations in Anaheim, the Disney Museum in San Francisco, and the Orlando Park; they will also visit its international parks in Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong; Agra, India; Cairo, Egypt; and Paris, France.

Travelers will be able to visit India’s Taj Mahal, Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza, and France’s Eiffel Tower as well.

The tour includes 68 meals, some on board the private jet. Some alcohol is included with the trip.

Bookings for this Disney adventure around the world will be opened to the general public on June 28, with the chance to early buy if you have traveled before with Adventures by Disney or are a Golden Oak Member.

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