Every Emily in Paris fan should visit these famous spots once in their life

Now that a new season has been released, our love for this emblematic city is back again and we can’t help but feel the urge to know and visit all these places ourselves and live the amazing experience as her!

Besides fashion, Emily in Paris has been a huge reference of Parisian beauty. Through every single one of its episodes, the urge of booking a flight directly to Paris gets stronger and we can't help but imagine ourselves in her shoes, living our best lives in the city of love, and getting to know more about the culture as we visit each one of its monuments, museums and emblematic places. 

So, if you were just looking for the perfect plan that would motivate you to finally book that desired trip to this gorgeous city, then you've arrived at the perfect site because we have now compiled the ultimate Paris Travel Guide that will take you to live your very personal Emily in Paris experience. 


Place de L´Estrapade

Picture yourself walking out of Emily's apartment building, ready to start a perfect day in the French capital and eager to get a latte at your favorite coffee shop. Well, you can literally do that at the 5th arrondissement of Paris where the building that houses Emily in her Parisian adventure, is located. 

Of course, the real apartment of the series is not really inside this building so you will not be able to enjoy the view from inside out, but still, it is an amazing place that has a couple of coffee shops and bookstores ready for you to visit.


Place de Valois

The famous and fictional marketing firm “Savoir“ is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris near the Galerie Patrick Fourtin. 

Again, you can walk through the neighborhood and appreciate the beautiful architecture around you. It is definitely a great setting for photos either on the street itself or inside one of the many restaurants that are nearby.


Jardin du Palais Royal

Here's where Emily meets Mandy and where you can have a relaxing walk surrounded by nature. Just imagine yourself having quality time on your own, with a snack on one hand, a book on the other, and sitting on one of the benches enjoying that perfect morning or afternoon. If that sounds like the ideal plan for you, then you must visit this place.

Le Champo Cinema

When you think of Paris, usually a cinema does not come to your mind right away, but Emily does it pretty well on finding the cutest common spots to hang out with their friends or dates. With only £10, you can have a great time watching a french film that will put your knowledge of the language into practice. 


Le Café de L´Homme

One of the most gorgeous locations included in this series was this brasserie with a mesmerizing view of the Eiffel Tower. Here, you can organize private and exclusive events like a perfume launch party that could crown your experience as the best you have ever had in your entire life.

Galeries Lafayette

We have already talked about where Emily stayed, worked, walked, partied, and hung out but we are still missing a very important category - shopping. Galeries Lafayette is the most beautiful place to do so because you´ll feel part of the royal family right when you cross those doors. The building is huge and gorgeous from the inside out, especially at night when its exterior lights come on. 


To be honest, every single street, corner, building, and establishment located in Paris is absolutely beautiful and you don't need further excuses to go ahead and visit the French capital once and for all. But if you find yourself obsessing over this Netflix series as well as over the city itself, there's no better plan than to visit all these iconic places while living your best life just like Emily in Paris. 

Photos from Instagram @emilyinparis and Wikicommons

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