Travel To All The Game Of Thrones Locations On A Budget For An Epic Vacay

Do you live and breathe Game of Thrones? You can actually live it on your next vacation! These are the Game Of Thrones locations you can visit in real life.

Game of Thrones hasn’t only given us bloodthirsty and sassy iconic characters, it’s taken us into an entire universe in which power, strategy, and ruthlessness are the true rulers. Though I really wouldn’t like living in that world (because, frankly, I’d last less than Ned Stark) we must admit that the diversity of landscapes is amazing. Fortunately, we can all visit those breathtaking locations without well, getting killed. 

A glass of wine at King’s Landing? Sunbathing at Dorne? Building a snowman at Winterfell? Dragon sighting in Meereen? Ok, maybe not that, but you can definitely visit those spots and pretend you’re about to free the people of Meryn or even booing Cersei being shamed on the streets of King’s Landing. The best part is, these are spots you can easily visit if you want to travel to Europe on a tight budget. So, let’s start, shall we?


Winterfell - Doune Castle, Scotland

@unlimitedscotlandIf you’re convinced you belong to House Stark, Winterfell is definitely the place you have to visit first. During the first season, Winterfell was actually shot in Scotland, to be precise, at Doune Castle in the Sterling District. Remember when the Royal family arrives at the Stark residency? Well, that’s it. At least, parts of it. Fun fact: this was also the location for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so you’d be killing two birds with one stone.

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Winterfell: Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

@lululoveslondonNow, if you’re more familiar with the Winterfell we saw in the other seasons, it won’t take you that long or too much effort to move from Scotland to Castle Ward, in Northern Ireland. Just forty minutes from the capital city of Belfast, they actually organize tours to live the full Stark experience, even hanging out with some of the direwolves that worked in the series (or better said, really cool Northern Inuit dogs). 

Iron Islands - Ballintoy Harbour, Ireland

@cataj.iskraContinuing with the North tour, you can go sit at the Seastone Chair at Pyke Castle. In case you don’t remember, that’s the land of the Greyjoys, a place with impressive landscapes and an imposing sea capable of keeping their enemies away, at least those who don’t belong to that sort of treacherous family (I’m talking about Euron and Theon when he thought he could betray the Starks and get away from Karmic revenge).


Beyond the Wall - Vatnajökull, Iceland

@joanna_adlphIf you want to go beyond the Wall and mainland Europe, you can always travel to Iceland with its majestic landscapes and dark skies (at least most of the time). The imposing views Iceland offers were perfect to portray the untamed land of the Wildlings. Just stay away from White Walkers, and you’ll live to tell amazing tales from beyond Castle Black.

Vaes Dothrak - Almería, Spain

@soldebredaLet’s get away from the extreme cold and snow, and let’s get our tan on in the wonderful south of Westeros, or in real life, Spain, where the land of the Dothraki was envisioned for the series. Its desertic weather and landscapes have been sources of inspiration for television and movies for decades, so it’s also the set of some classic westerns (does The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly ring a bell?).


Dorne - Seville, Spain

@the_rosietaleAlso in Southern Spain, you can visit the iconic Andalusian capital, if you want to feel like a real Martell and wear those sexy outfits. The historic Alcázar was the location used for the Water Palace of Sunspear, the wondrous summer home of the Martells.
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Braavos - Girona, Spain 

@barna_sidesThanks to the badass Arya, we got to travel to the beautiful Braavos, which was set both in Girona (Catalonia), Spain, and Split, Croatia. You can visit the Sant Pere de Galligants Abbey, which was used for some scenes during Arya’s stay, and also some of the streets, which were used for important exterior scenes. 


Braavos - Šibenik and Split, Croatia

@photography.imozaAlso, Split and Šibenik, both cities in Croatia, were used as filming locations for Braavos. One of the most iconic scenes shot in Split was the one where Arya sells oysters.

King’s Landing - Dubrovnik, Croatia

@k1000oandres3Also in Croatia, you can visit the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, the one and only King’s Landing. Mostly shot in Dubrovnik, this is one of the locations that wasn’t changed that much to give us that fantasy epic vibe thanks to the city’s unique medieval buildings.


King's Landing Palace Gardens - Trsteno, Croatia

@enjoythemomentyouareinThanks to its warm weather and beautiful beaches, Croatia became one of the main Game of Thrones locations. The beautiful Palace Gardens where Margaery Tyrell and her badass grandma Olenna have some of their best scenes was shot in Trsteno, a beach district in Dubrovnik.

Highgarden - Almodóvar del Río Castle, Spain

@ana_davydovaTalking about the elegant Tyrells, let’s travel to Highgarden, or better said to Almodóvar del Río Castle, a lovely medieval castle at the top of a mountain in Cordoba, Spain. Besides Tyrell’s imposing home, the castle was also used for a scene in Casterly Rock’s dungeons.
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Dragonstone - Itzurun Beach, Zumaia, Spain

@josedesola3Don’t worry, Targaryen friends, if you want to visit some of the spots where our Khaleesi kicked ass, you can continue your Spanish Game of Thrones tour at Itzurun Beach in Zumaia, Basque Country (Northern Spain), which GoT fans know as Dragonstone. This place isn’t iconic only for its amazing landscape and unique architecture, it’s also Daenerys’ entry to Westeros, something we waited for almost seven freaking seasons!

Dragonpit (King’s Landing) - Italica, Spain

@npw82Remember the most epic reunion in the last season, when the Lannisters finally met Daenerys and her badass entourage? Well, this was also shot in Spain, in the Roman city of Itálica. Season eight will also show more of this ancient spot, which, in the series, was a sort of a stable for Targaryen’s dragons.


So, where in the Seven Kingdoms will you shoot your next epic Insta photos?

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