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There's A Building In Spain That Looks Exactly Like The 'Squid Game' Stairs

Por: María Isabel14 de octubre de 2021

Pack your pink jumpsuit or green tracksuit and visit this unique complex that looks exactly like the stairs set from 'Squid Game.'

Squid Game took the world by storm with its dark story, deep and complex characters, and, of course, its unique aesthetic. The contrast the series creates through vivid colors and childhood tropes with the eerie and disturbing narrative has blown everybody's mind. Still, despite the horrors that the games present, something is captivating in the scenery, the architecture, and the color palette that makes us want to witness it.

Fortunately, there's a way to experience some of that Squid Game aesthetic without, well, having to put your life at risk. In the Mediterranean shores of Alicante, Spain, lies a small picturesque town with a unique building that looks exactly like the set of labyrinthine stairs we saw on Squid Game.

With a Mediterranean Arabic aesthetic, La Muralla Roja, in Calpe, was built by the renowned architect Ricardo Bonfil in the early seventies. Besides the unique and complex architectural structure, the building has a mesmerizing pinkish hue and a unique purplish-blue that contrasts beautifully with the bright blue tone of the sky. 

La Muralla Roja was built using the Greek Cross architecture principle found in Byzantine churches. The set of apartments, created through blocks, creates a geometric illusion that merged with the colors, the terraces, balconies, and the stairs, make of La Muralla Roja a unique labyrinth we would all love to get lost in. 

The good news is that you can actually rent an apartment in this complex and walk through those astonishing puzzle-like stairs and halls. The apartment has room for up to six guests and has a gorgeous balcony with an impressive view of the entire complex. Besides that, you also have access to the complex' amenities such as the amazing pool and the insta-perfect terraces.

Once you've lived your Squid Game fantasy, you can also take a look at the gorgeous town of Calpe. Start with its most majestic landmark, the Penyal d'Ifac, a huge crag on the shore you can actually climb. Take a walk through Calpe's white beaches and have some of the most delicious food at the local restaurants and chiringuitos. Don't slip on the Old Town of Cape, with a Medieval atmosphere that will certainly transport you to another time.

All in all, leaving aside the Squid Game allure, Calpe is a spot worth visiting. It has a unique and mesmerizing aesthetic for those who are hunting for gorgeous locations. Who knows, maybe you can enjoy a sweet Dalgona candy while looking at the ocean from your unique balcony!

Photos from ArchDaily

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