Mysterious Mansion Appears On The Beach Causing A Stir Among Curious Tourists

Nobody knows exactly what happened but all of a sudden this old and abandoned mansion appeared on this beach. It's now very popular touristic spot.

mysterious mansion on the beach la puntilla, el salvadorAs it happens with every mystery in history, nobody knows how this mansion appeared on the beach and much less, to whom it belongs. The only thing that is known is that the ocean is slowly swallowing it and that it has become a huge touristic spot.

The mansion is hollowed, with collapsed walls, a caved-in roof, no windows, and no doors. The structure is sort of a Roman style that looks ready to collapse any second. This strange mansion appeared on a beach called La Puntilla, in El Salvador.

The mystery surrounding this structure has reached the ears of curious tourists from all over the world who flocked to La Puntilla to bear witness to the mystery around the mansion. It became popular thanks to a Salvadora TikToker, Cholopanza Vlogs, who uploaded a video visiting the mysterious mansion.

Even some have decided to enter the house to see what is inside. The only thing they have discovered is that the mansion has a Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, carved on one of the ceilings. 

star of david inside the mysterious house on the beach of la puntilla el salvadorPhoto by IG: @somoscentroamericaLocals have stated that this structure used to be a church. However, the place was abandoned once the ocean began to rise and swallowed the entire building. Others claim that the building was used as a hotel for many years. 

Another big theory that runs among locals is that somehow the mansion appeared at La Puntilla after being dragged by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Mitch is known for its death toll of over 9,000 fatalities among copious rainfalls in the territory. However, it's most likely that it disappeared when the sea level rose, and now that it has decreased, it appeared once again.

Even though nobody knows exactly what happened there, the theories and mysteries that fill every corner of the house continue to grow daily. Now, the only people that visit the mansion do so to take pictures and take a moment to look at the ocean through the windows and ask themselves: what's the story behind this abandoned mansion?

Adapted by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Photo cover by IG: @kevincastillosv

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