10 Least Visited Countries In The World You Must Explore Before Anyone Else

10 Least Visited Countries In The World You Must Explore Before Anyone Else

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By: Alejandro I. López

April 4, 2017

Travel 10 Least Visited Countries In The World You Must Explore Before Anyone Else
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By: Alejandro I. López

April 4, 2017

Paris, New York, or London. There's no better place for a city slicker than cities with a whole range of historical, artistic, and cultural attractions. In contrast, there are those who dream of leaving the big cities behind to find peace and tranquility in a paradise of crystalline waters and glistening white sands in seaside regions like Cancún in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, or Aruba. For a more romantic plan, Venice, Belgium, or the Loire Valley are popular options.

We take a long time to choose the perfect destination for our dream vacation, but the truth is that any place in the world can set up the perfect scenery. Our main setback in this case is our lack of curiosity about a country whose name doesn't tell us anything at all about what kind of place it is. How can we expand our horizons if we don't know their possibilities? That's what makes the best of travelers. They are able to tell marvelous stories about those places unknown to many.

But why should you be one of the few people to visit an unknown place? Because that will bring out your adventurous spirit and satiate your thirst for knowledge. Discovering new places can make you grow as a human being. In case you're ready, here is a list of the ten least visited countries in the world.


least visited countries Nauru

This lost island located northeast Australia is the third smallest country in the world and, at the same time, the destination that gets less tourists per year (about 160). Most of the time this island is not featured in travel guides, and that's a shame because its unspoiled white-sandy rocky beaches are the closest thing to a dream vacation.



least visited countries Somalia
 This country's natural wonders were eclipsed by piracy, coups d'etat, and unequal distribution of wealth. However, the last decade has seen steady and significant improvements in its coastal capital: Mogadishu. The reefs in its beaches have remained intact due to the limited exploitation of its resources, and it has the world's cheapest beach hotels.


least visited countries Tuvalu

The country of Tuvalu is composed by eight of the islands of Polynesia. They get slightly over a thousand visitors per year, but that number is increasing dramatically. The natural beauty of the islands, its pristine blue waters, and the tranquility of the Tuvaluan lifestyle, in addition to the boost on the tourism industry, are excellent reasons to visit one of the islands. They are an unparalleled destination that will let you forget about the rest of the world and get in touch with nature.

Marshall Islands

least visited countries Marshall islands

This destination is perfect for those travelers who love authentic experiences. This islands are one of the Pacific Ocean best-kept secrets. This may strike as a surprise, but big resorts haven't reached this archipelago yet; they have decided to respect the peaceful and quiet life of their residents and the richness of a one of a kind aquatic wildlife. Their crystalline waters are the habitat of more than a thousand species of fish and more than 200 kinds of reefs. It is definitely a paradise for everyone who loves the sea and marine wildlife.


São Tomé and Príncipe

least visited countries sao tome and principe
This country consists of two picturesque archipelagos located in western equatorial coast of Central Africa. Here you can live an exotic adventure in the dense jungle, discover its majestic active volcanoes, and rest in resorts that combine the exclusivity of luxury with the mystery of an unexplored land. Although hotel complexes keep growing rapidly in the capital, São Tomé, only Portuguese travel agencies —as it is an originally Portuguese colony— offer trips to this destination that you can't miss. 

least visited countries Kiribati
With its 33 coral reefs and islands full of vegetation, Kiribati befits a nature's caprices. More over, it has one peculiarity: it is the first country in the world to celebrate the new year, and this is more than enough reason to make their December 31 celebration one of the best parties in the world. Despite its limited monetary influx, it has managed to carry out ambitious projects for resorts,  B&B’s, hotels, and the development of other kinds of infrastructure that expect to receive more visitors.

South Sudan

least visited countries South Sudan
You'll find this country landlocked in the heart of the African continent. Most people don't know about this country (it gained its independence on 2011). It has the best of Africa without the spotlights and high prices of Kenya, Tanzania, or South-Africa. After the heavy toll of a civil war that divided the nation during a tumultuous period, the government along with other companies devoted to provide services, invested millions of dollars to reactivate tourism and room offers that are widely affordable.


least visited countries Libia

This country made its first appearance on maps a few years ago, when news around the world broadcasted the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. It was portrayed as an extremely religious country with serious issues that was better not to step on. Despite its harsh climate, Tripoli harbors invaluable architectonic buildings that include Roman forums. Luxurious hotels make their way to the city as they wait for the new visitors that will change the way the world sees Libya.


least visited countries Guinea-Bissau

For centuries, this tropical country located in the west African coast remained as a Portuguese colony. It inherited European culture and blended it with the customs of its native tribes. In addition to its capital, Bissau, its main attraction is located in the Bissagos archipelago, which has dozens of untouched islands, mangroves with lush vegetation, and a small but kind population who will make of your adventure an unforgettable trip.


least visited countries Turkmenistan

If you were one of those who thought that the unearthliest country in Asia was North-Korea, you surely were wrong. Located in the southeast with an outlet to the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan is a country of the size of Germany that jealously guards secrets fit for a movie. Its capital city, Ashgabat, is one of the tidiest places in the world. It is also the city with more marble buildings in the world. A few kilometers away you'll find the Darvaza gas crater, also called the ''Gates of Hell," which is a natural gas field collapsed into an underground cavern. 

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