6 destinations that every Star Wars fan should visit to celebrate each May the 4th

May the force be with you... on your next vacation! These are some of the Star Wars locations you’ll be dying to visit if you’re a die-hard Padawan.

As a good Padawan, you must know everything related to the successful saga created by George Lucas, and surely, every May 4th you share a meme or a comment regarding the famous pun “May de Fourth Be with You”, but on this Star Wars Day, do you know the origin of this phrase? Do you know which Star Wars locations have been?

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May de Fourth Be With You

Many of us know that it derives from the original dialogue “May the force be with you” a phrase used among the Jedi to say goodbye and wish good luck. However, many think it is relatively few years old, having gone viral on social networks.

In reality, this ingenious play on words emerged since 1979, when on May 4, the English newspaper, The London Evening News, published a note in which members of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, congratulated Margaret Thatcher on her new position as Prime Minister of her country using the pun “May the 4th Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.


In 2011 it began to gain momentum in the digital media and in this way, fans of the dark side, we have called and celebrated this date as Star Wars Day.

Now that you know the origin of this expression, you are ready to know the places that can not miss on your next trip:


Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Home of Han Solo

In the last movie of the franchise we could see beautiful landscapes full of dunes that seem to have no end, pristine beaches guarded by mountain ranges, or even volcanic landscapes with breathtaking ravines, all these locations have the mission to give life to the homeland of Han Solo and you can find them in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

Here you can go on Jeep safaris through the imposing mountain ranges, enjoy the marine fauna on the Isla de los Lobos or for those with an adventurous soul, windsurfing lessons are the ideal option.


Sidi Driss Hotel - Matmata, Tunisia

Luke Skywalker’s childhood home

Some Star Wars fans will immediately recognize this space just by looking for an image, as this hotel brought to life the Tatooine home of Beru and Owen Lars, who had the mission of taking care of young Luke Skywalker. What some may not know is that their home is actually a subway hotel where they can stay in Matmata. The setting is perfect for braving the scorching heat of the desert climate. And who could pass up the opportunity to stay in Luke’s old house?

Redwood National Park, California

Home of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi

Redwood National and State Parks are home to a coarse number of species, but you’re more likely to find beavers and mountain squirrels than Ewoks, this verdant slice of Northern California is better known for giant trees than furry little guys.


Trees up to 115 meters tall made them the perfect place to bring Endor to life for its wooded character. Such parks, replete with various hiking trails and ecotourism activities, can be part of a West Coast vacation between San Francisco and Portland or Seattle.

Guilin, China


The tropical homeworld of the Wookies needed a stunning setting, and the limestone mountains of this Chinese city were definitely the perfect place. These formations are one of China’s most popular tourist destinations, which also provide a perfect backdrop for encountering Chewbacca in Episode III.


Star Wars Experience

Florida and California Disney Parks

Now that you’re a recognized member of the Jedi High Council, experience Disney’s newest attraction, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, available at Orlando and Anaheim Disney Parks. You can even visit Oga’s Cantina and enjoy some out-of-this-world drinks.

Don’t miss the chance to feel part of the planet Batuu and have the opportunity to be in command of the most famous spaceship in the galaxy: The Millennium Falcon!

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