Stuffed Koalas Are Popping Up All Over NYC To Raise Money For Aussie Wildlife

Stuffed Koalas Are Popping Up All Over NYC To Raise Money For Aussie Wildlife

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These koalas are helping raise funds for wildlife conservation. After their success in New York, they have landed in London.

By Oscar Vera

Stuffed koalas are taking over New York to save Australia’s wildlife.  After the devastating bushfires that have killed millions of animals and destroyed 10.7 millions of hectares of land in Australia, the independent agency Cummins & Partners has launched an initiative called Koalas of “NYC” to raise people’s awareness and funds for wildlife conservation. 

Hundreds of stuffed koalas were placed on street lamps, trees and street lights across the city. Every koala has a tag bearing a message informing about the terrifying reality that Australia has been living for months: 

"1 Billion of the world's unique wildlife has died in the Australian bushfires." 

koalas of new york

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Besides the message, the tag has a QR code that takes you to their GoFundMe page,  where you can make a donation to WIRES, an Australian organization. These donations will go toward helping all the animals that have been affected by the fires, covering everything from burns to loss of habitat. 

In less than four days, the initiative was able to reach its goal of $10 thousand dollars, prompting the agency to keep the campaign going for a few more days in order to increase donations. 

koalas of new york

The agency has also created an Instagram account called @koalasofny, where they post pictures of people interacting with the stuffed koalas, as well as any articles written about them. The koalas have now landed in London, hoping to raise more money to help Australian wildlife.

koalas of new york

So, if you’re in New York City, and you find one of these cuties, don’t forget to donate. Australia might be far from us, but help is only a click away.

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