5 Essential Tips For Traveling To NYC With Kids

5 Essential Tips For Traveling To NYC With Kids

By Florencia Cuenca

When you think of New York, what comes to mind is the city that never sleeps, the best nightlife, fancy rooftop bars, art galleries, and museums. But if you are a parent, you might think kids don’t fit in this equation. Well, that is what I’m here for. Crazy as it sounds, I truly believe that NYC it’s one of the most kid-friendly cities I’ve ever been to. So, if you are planning to come soon, I have your back with a few tips for your next trip. 

1. Mind The Season!

Yes, Christmas is a winter wonderland, but it can get really crowded. In my opinion, the best season to visit NYC with kids is the  summer. In the summer, you’ll have a zillion options to enjoy the outdoors. From water playgrounds and sprinkler parks, to picnics at Central Park, or even a forty-five minute subway ride to the beach.

2. Transportation 

Here we walk a lot. So, it can be difficult for the little ones to keep up with the adults. I strongly recommend to bring a lightweight stroller, a scooter if your kid is a little older. 

3. Shows

When you visit NYC, you HAVE to see a show. Right now, Broadway offers a couple of options where all the family can enjoy the theater experience. You can see The Lion King or Frozen. Also, there will always be some kind of live show like Sesame Street or Disney on Ice

4. Special Exhibitions and Museums

The Big Apple will always have special exhibitions that grown ups and kiddos can enjoy. For example, right now we have “Mickey: The True Original Exhibition” in the Meatpacking District, and “Trolls: The Experience” in Midtown. 

Take your time to research which exhibitions will be in town when you come and most importantly: buy your tickets in advance! 

5. Food 

Photo: @feedyourgirlfriend 

We are all obsessed with delicious food, right? Well, NYC has not only the best, but also the most eccentric ways to make food, and kids love that. Here, you can eat rainbow bagels at The Bagel Store, try huge shakes at Black Tap, and have exotic ice cream and waffles at Wowfulls. 

Bonus Tip

Whatever your kid is into, you’ll find something special here. Remember, after all, you’ll be in the “center of the world.”

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Photos: @flowcuenca

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