Where do the coins thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Rome end up?

Thousands of tourists visit the famous Trevi Fountain in Italy every day and make a wish by tossing a coin, but do you know where all that money goes?

Rome is one of the most sought-after cities in the world. Known as the ‘eternal city’ because it never (truly never) stops being discovered, it also keeps a very romantic essence because of its language, its food, and its architecture full of art and history (like the Colosseum). For this reason, millions of tourists travel to Italy every year in search of one of its most beautiful spots, namely the Fontana di Trevi or Trevi Fountain, which became even more famous after appearing in Federico Fellini’s cult film, La Dolce Vita.

Italy has many fountains, but the Trevi Fountain is one of the largest and, therefore, the most imposing and attractive in the city. That is why tourists who visit it do not hesitate to take a picture in front of it, and also throw coins at it to be part of the tradition that ensures good luck. Well, actually the most superstitious people know that there are several ways to throw coins since this practice hides three ‘rituals’ that attract fortune in travel and love.


And by the way, have you ever wondered where the coins thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Rome end up? Imagine how many people visit it daily! If only we could have an exact number... pff... But let’s go by parts, we tell you first the curious myth and then the destination of all that money collected.

The myth of the coins in the Trevi Fountain

Nowadays, travelers throw three coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Its origin date back to the 1954 film Three coins in the fountain, in which three American women find love in Rome. The movie popularized this belief that is one of the main attractions in the city.


Legend has it that:

  • If you toss one coin, you will return to Rome.
  • If you toss two, you will find love in that city.
  • If you throw three, you will marry the person you met.

The ritual consists of throwing the coins with the right hand over the left shoulder.

Where do the coins throw into the Trevi Fountain end up?

Once you know this, you will have realized that every tourist who follows this superstition throws at least three coins, generating a fortune. According to calculations, approximately one million euros are drawn from the famous fountain every year.


Since 2007, this money has been used for charitable purposes. It is known that all the coins collected are donated to Caritas, an organization of the Catholic Church that helps those most in need. In 2018, the government of Rome discussed allocating the money to conservation and restoration projects, but the idea was dropped, and so far, the coins go to that organization. But what about before 2007? Who kept the money? The government, the Church? Who knows...

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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