The Top 8 Halloween Celebrations You Can Only Experience In LA

If your idea of a perfect Halloween involves spooky attractions, great parties, and amazing venues, Los Angeles is the place for you.

Halloween is around the corner, and if you’re in Los Angeles, that means lots of fun stuff to celebrate one of the most popular festivities of the year. Not only is Los Angeles one of the most famous destinations in the world (hello, it’s celebrity central), it’s also a place with a lot of history, and you know what that means: scary ghost stories. The city prides itself on its peculiar, eerie atmosphere with urban legends and allegedly-haunted spots that you can visit year-round, but it is during the Halloween season that things get seriously spooky.

Of course, on top of all that, Los Angeles is a really diverse and multicultural city that offers a wide variety of events and celebrations that when merged with the festivity makes it one in its kind. So, without further ado, here are the best celebrations for a really spooky and fun Halloween in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

If you’re one of those people who like getting their adrenaline rush, this is where you should start. Every year you can go on an actual hayride in Griffith Park, but let me tell you, this isn’t for the faint of heart. This year, the attraction turns 10 years old, which means special (and terrifying) interactive activities. It’ll be open till Halloween, so you better go as soon as you can.


Happy Harbor Halloween

If getting scared isn’t your idea of a fun time on Halloween, you can always take your family to San Pedro’s Downtown Harbor to participate in the carnival celebrations taking place each year (this year the event will take place on October 27th). There’s a dog costume parade as well as different fun activities like games, crafts, and great music.


Dark Harbor

This is the perfect activity for people who wish Halloween lasted more than just one day. Open till November 2nd, Dark Harbor is a haunted attraction on a giant boat. With monsters ready to scare anyone daring to visit and special effects to give you the full experience, you can get onboard the famously haunted Queen Mary and visit the cabins where ghosts are said to wander.


The Haunted Shack

This famous haunted shack has been around since 1997 and is one of the most popular Halloween attractions in the city. With really intricate and detailed stunts and effects, this one is perfect for those who just can’t get enough adrenaline. Best part is it’s completely free, so it's a must-see!


Wicked Lit

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to hang out at a real cemetery? Well, you can do that at the Altadena cemetery, thanks to the amazing horror productions Wicked Lit prepares for the occasion. This will be on until November 10th, with two different plays alternating each night.


Spooky Tours of Haunted LA

Perhaps one of the most popular attractions year-round in LA is those spooky tours throughout the city that take you to haunted spots. Though you can do this any time, these get extra eerie and scary during the Halloween season. You can take the “Dearly Departed” tour, which is one of the most well-produced ones and goes into so much detail that you’ll even learn what your favorite celebrities had for their last meal. The other recommended one is the “Haunted Tales of Downtown Los Angeles,” which will take you to a two-hour walking tour of the most haunted spots in the city. If you’re all about ghosts, crimes, massacres, and conspiracy theories, these tours will leave you shook! 


West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival has probably been the top Halloween event since 1987. On October 31st, the streets of Los Angeles transform into a massive Halloween carnival with an estimated 500,000 attendants every year. Basically, people in costumes wander the streets having fun and looking for parties to attend, so it’s the perfect plan to start the night with. You can start seeing activity from 6 pm till 10:30 when most have found their first parties. All along the streets, there are tons of stalls and even stages with live music, performances, and contests. Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it?


Party in the City

If your idea of a great Halloween is partying the night away, here are some of the best parties that take place in Los Angeles. The KCRW Masquerade Ball, hosted by the radio station, is one of the biggest parties out there. With amazing props and the best music and performances, it’s one of the most popular as well. For all the vampires out there, you can attend the Fanged Fête, a vampire-themed gothic party that takes place every year at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. As a highly diverse city, there are also LGBTQ+ parties during the celebration, and the most famous one is the Fred & Jason Halloweenie gay party. By the way, the event raises funds to support the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. The first two will take place on the 27th, while Fred & Jason will happen on the 26th.


If you think this sounds amazing but you’re not in the area, remember that these are annual events that you can start planning for right now. I mean, Los Angeles and Halloween: what’s not to like?


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