15 Things Of Love And Sex You Should Know Before You Turn 30

October 3, 2016

|Julieta Sanguino
love and sex

Who teaches us about sex? There are the compulsory sex-ed classes we all must take where giggles and bananas wrapped in condoms abound.

Who teaches us about sex? There are the compulsory sex-ed classes we all must take, where giggles and bananas wrapped in condoms abound. There are other unfortunate souls out there whose education is so conservative they are forbidden from saying the word "penis" or even mentioning subjects like homosexuality and contraceptive methods. There is a divide in this world: on the one hand, there are huge gaps in ignorance and misinformation, and on the other, there are people who have a large repertoire of knowledge at their disposal. It is a sad fact that in some corners of the world sex education continues to be a taboo subject, so matters like the legalization of abortion and the use of contraceptives are out of the question. 

Some lessons occur outside the classroom, and you learn as you go; you identify your likes and dislikes and know what fills you with pleasure. In our twenties, we gorge on pleasurable experiences because we feel free and limitless. You must learn how to seize those moments and enjoy every second. Time doesn't stop everyone, and you can't let those opportunities slip from your fingers. Here are a few facts you should know before you hit the big 3-0. 

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15. There's nothing wrong with saying "no."

If there is something you don't want to do or you don't want to go out with someone in particular, there is nothing wrong with saying "no." This small word can be quite difficult to voice sometimes, but we assure you that your life will be simpler and you'll avoid feeling uncomfortable doing things you would rather avoid in the first place. 

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14. Accept your body

Forget about turning off the lights or feeling ashamed of your body. The most important aspect is for you to learn to love your body; you should never be ashamed of who you are and what you look like. 

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13. Try out new things

If you are doing acrobatics in bed at the age of 60 and you sprain something, it is a sign it may be too late to being doing these things. Do it now. Stop following the norms and rules and focus on your wellbeing and personal pleasure. 

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12. Your heart will be broken. This is a fact. 

No matter how in love you may be or that you believe your partner is your soulmate, you must know that some things don't last forever, specially relationships. You won't get married, have children, or live happily ever after, and there's nothing wrong with that. Some relationships are fleeting, and they leave valuable lessons behind. You have a long road ahead to meet the most important person in your whole life: yourself. When you know yourself as much as you can, surely your love and relationships will be deeper and more meaningful. 

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11. Speak openly

In bed and in love openness and communication are fundamental. Don't hold back and if your partner reins you in and stops you from doing the things you love, it is more than likely they're not right person for you. 

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10. Orgasms are not an illusion. Demand them.

Many women go about their lives and have no idea what an orgasms feels like. Some never experience them and others think it is normal to have them only a few times. You must make your partner understand that an orgasm is something that both of you must work for while having sex. There are men who are not interested in the pleasure of their partner, so it is best to walk away. A selfish lover is the worst kind of lover out there. 

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9. The perfect couple doesn't exist, no matter how many chick flicks you watch

No matter how many romantic films you watch and how much you yearn for happy endings, the spectacular, understanding, and romantic lover doesn't exist. People get banged up in life and get a few scars along the way, so it is a matter of learning to see someone beyond the scars and bad experiences. No one is perfect, including yourself. 

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8. Drunk sex sucks

If you are too drunk, sex is clumsy, and it is terrible overall. It takes longer to reach an orgasm, and in a worst case scenario the penis is a no-show and remains limp. The best option is to drink and leave the sex marathon for another night. 

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7. Foreplay is key and a must in sex

Have you wondered why it takes so long to reach an orgasm? If your partner only wants to introduce his penis, then we have a problem. If your panties are ripped from you by the first kiss, again, we have a problem, and if they don't take their time during foreplay, it is an even bigger problem. Teach your partner to take things slowly, so you can also be equally as aroused. Oral sex is always a good option in foreplay, and it is enjoyable for both of you. 

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6. You never know who will be the love of your life

Sometimes we close the door before giving a chance, and this is a mistake that many people are guilty of making. If you don't like someone because of small, insignificant details, then it is time to reevaluate those unfair judgments. Don't close the door to possibilities; you never know, they might end up surprising you. 

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5. Contraception is indispensable

"It doesn't hurt anybody if you do it only once." Not wearing a condom is like playing Russian roulette; stop thinking that you are exempt from STI or unwanted pregnancies. Things can get out of control pretty easily, so if you're having casual sex, protection is essential. 

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4. The way they kiss you is the reflection of how they'll perform in other areas

Passionate, no chemistry or laid back? The way they kiss can give you an idea of how they'll perform in bed, so if you were left disappointed, imagine having sex with them. It may sound silly, but a kiss can reveal many things about a person. There are many different kissing styles, and you may prefer some over others. It is all about finding the right match. 

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3. The way they treat their mother or family members is how they'll end up treating you

There are patterns of behavior that are hard to break, and sooner than later these will be reflected in your relationship. If they are rude or kind to their mother or other important family members, then in the near future they will treat you in a similar manner. 

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2. If they show no interest in the relationship, then things are coming to an end

It is a simple rule we sometimes find hard to process. A phone call, a text saying a "I love you," or small gestures that show they care are crucial in a relationship. If you feel the interest is no longer there and something is missing, it is time you look for another love that will make you feel cherished and appreciated.  

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1. Never remain in an unhappy relationship

Many times we stay with our partners because routines are too powerful to break. Sometimes we know things are going downhill, and we invest in the relationship expecting it will bear fruit in the near future. This never happens. Stop doing that, if you're unhappy and you've tried to make things work with no avail, it is time to cut your losses and move on. 

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