The Artist Who Makes Beautiful Female Nudes By Copying The Best Of Erotic Art

The Artist Who Makes Beautiful Female Nudes By Copying The Best Of Erotic Art

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By: Diana Garrido

March 24, 2017

Art The Artist Who Makes Beautiful Female Nudes By Copying The Best Of Erotic Art
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By: Diana Garrido

March 24, 2017

Damian Chávez creates his artwork by idealizing everything he finds attractive and beautiful. He can paint the most sensual aspect of the female body, the height of physical nudity, which provides a glimpse into the inner eroticism that makes the world go round.

Chávez was inspired throughout his childhood and youth by artists such as Max Klinger, Gustav Klimt, and Patrick Nagel, as well as ancient artistic knowledge. He combines them and imbues them with his own personal mark, one that comes from personal experiences, obsessions, and training that have shaped his work.

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The artist dove into the art of Klimt from a young age because of the influence of his parents. He continued to navigate between Art Deco and Art Nouveau, using elements of Japanese composition. He borrows techniques used by the Austrian painter and then takes it a step further. He uses primary colors and geometric shapes to create specific figures. The artist reinvents Klimt’s iconic use of women in provocative poses as a focal point in his esthetic.

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Chávez’s other influence, Max Klinger, was a German sculptor who made realistic looking works with a touch of the surreal. The artist uses scenarios that are reminiscent of utopias and dreams. The women in his paintings have faraway gazes, making it seem like they are unaware of what is happening.

Then a similar occurrence happens with Patrick Nagel’s illustrations, which featured silhouettes over a flat backdrop. His use of color was so flat, yet it was through the harsh black outlines that he created a forced view of the images as two-dimensional. These simple drawings featured confident women with determined stares.

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For Chávez, the merging of Klimt, Klinger, and Nagel results in a series of pictures that are strong without being overly dramatic. They don’t attempt to be anything other than the representation of a beautiful woman full of dreams and sensuality, who has elements of subtlety, modesty, and, to an extent, innocence.  

Soft and harsh, dream and reality, desire and tenderness: all these opposing thoughts, contradictions expressing the duality of human experience, are what Damian Chávez expresses in his work, the different shades that make up womanhood. The artist not only attempts to understand them but also capture dreams, desires, and insecurities.

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“I want to captivate the viewer, using art as an ideal reality, through symbolism, as well as through the broader implications of this kind of reflection.”

Damian Chávez

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Art will continue to be seen differently depending on the particular experience of the viewer. Chávez expresses himself through the subtle erotic beauty of these women that catch the eye of the audience. The artist believes art has an immortal quality, an element that remains in the collective memory long after the work has been made.


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