8 works of art that will make you believe in a higher power

8 Works Of Art That Will Make You Believe In A Higher Power

How do we experience spirituality? Is it an open act based on belief and connection to the supernatural, or has it become an empty ritual, where we mouth empty words and cling for a higher power to rescue us? I think in recent years we’ve discarded the power that art holds in bringing together the

The artist who gave his audience pseudo-drugs to fully experience his art

The Artist Who Gave His Audience Pseudo-Drugs To Fully Experience His Art

Performance art is… let’s say, different. This discipline, which can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and popularized during the sixties, is an interdisciplinary expression that mixes audiovisual techniques to convey a message. We’ve seen so many news regarding performances with controversial subjects like those from Shia Labeouf. So, if you’re familiar with this

10 paintings that show how solitude can be your best companion

10 Paintings That Show How Solitude Can Be Your Best Companion

This article was originally written by María Isabel Carrasco Psychologists argue that solitude refers to the idea of being completely alone –let’s say in a physical way–, but it doesn’t imply a feeling of loneliness. Actually, it’s a state where the mind, far from constant stimuli, becomes self-aware. It’s the moment when creativity –well known

The pain of crippling anxiety in 10 paintings

The Pain Of Crippling Anxiety In 10 Paintings

I was five or six years old the first time I felt social anxiety. The same bitter feeling I experienced that day, came back to me repeatedly throughout my life. I was in Spanish class and the teacher was asking every student to read out loud a paragraph of a book. As soon as she

The day salvador dali captured our lust for food and eroticism

The Day Salvador Dali Captured Our Lust For Food And Eroticism

(Fiction) The mailman at your door is dressed as the god Adonis. His gloved hands have lobster claws instead of fingers. He hands you an envelope dripping with some unidentified red substance. It’s neither blood nor paint. “You are invited to dinner at Chez Dalí.” As you open the invitation, you are greeted by a